Diabetic diet health women

healthy diabetic diets help women with diabetes

diabetes is a chronic disease affecting millions of people across the globe. Young and old, men and women are equally vulnerable to this dreadful disease. Diabetes is known to affect every organ of the body and thus overlooking the disease can only mean inviting more trouble in the future. The only way to lead a healthy life with diabetes is by following a balanced diet. Right choice in food helps you control your blood sugar levels. Eating food in correct proportion is also essential to curb diabetes.

Women with diabetes need to understand that they need to make a healthy choice when it comes to food habits. A woman is always looked up to by the family in all matters concerning health. If you have to gift your family with a healthy living, you will first need to choose a balanced diet for self. A diabetic diet should be rich in complex carbohydrates, 20 percent of proteins and 20 to 30 percent of fats. This ratio may also differ depending upon each person. Understanding your body needs will help you plan proper meals. A diabetic woman should make time for her meals. At least six small meals a day in short intervals is a must.

A diabetic diet should be rich in nutrients that help control the blood sugar levels. Type II diabetes is often due to obesity and thus one also needs to include food that will help them shed the excess weight. Ideally the food that we eat gets converted into glucose which is then passed on to other cells and body parts to generate energy. This function is done by a hormone called insulin. However, the improper functioning of insulin results in to diabetes. Some people are required to take insulin injections to curb the problem. However, if one takes the efforts to plan healthy meals with the right foods, she would not need to worry about the disease.

A diabetic healthy diet should also be rich in fiber. Fiber also helps solve blood cholesterol problems. Complex carbohydrates get converted into starch and are thus beneficial. Complex carbohydrates are found in starchy vegetables, beans, grains, brown rice and bread, and milk. Avoid trans and saturated fats as they do no good to your body apart from increasing the unwanted flab. Eliminate or restrict the intake of sodium, junk food, oily, spices and fried food products. Drink plenty of water even though if it means visiting the wash room frequently.

Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, herbal tea or coffee, poultry, lean meat, eggs, fish, skimmed milk, yoghurt, sour cream, cheese low on fats, starch, whole grains, wheat pasta, cooked brown rice, tofu, and soybeans. There has to be a serving of every healthy item in your diet plan. Consultation with the doctor or dietitian will help you plan correct meals. Following the diabetic healthy meals plans will make a vast difference in your blood sugar levels. A strict exercise regimen, with balanced diet and medical assistance will help you lead a normal and healthy life despite being a diabetic woman.

A diabetic diet for women will ensure their over all health. Smart choice among various food groups is the best and right way to fight back diabetes.