Diabetic diet health pyramid

being detected with diabetes raises several questions in the mind. What to eat, when to eat and what care should be taken are the common questions that hover in thousands of diabetic minds. A diabetic diet health pyramid is nothing but a guide that helps you make a healthy choice amongst foods. Although all the food when eaten in right quantity is good for health, diabetics will have to be careful with each serving. A healthy choice among food goes a long way in leading a normal and active life despite being a diabetic.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that stays with you for life. Diabetes is known to affect every part of your body and thus ignorance of the same can prove fatal in the near future. Healthy and balanced diets are the only way to fight this dreadful disease. There are thousands of people who have been successful in curbing this disease with the help of right diets. A diabetic diet need not be boring. It can certainly be delicious with some healthy nutrients in it. The diabetes diet pyramid completely eliminates junk, fatty, fried and food that is high on calories.

Eliminating fatty food does not mean you deprive your body of the essential fats. 20 to 30 percent fats are certainly required for the development of body and must be included in small amounts. Vegetables especially starchy ones should be high in diabetic diets. As per the diabetic pyramid you must include minimum 6 servings of grains, starchy vegetables and beans. Include more of whole grain foods. Wheat pasta, brown cooked rice, brown bread, lentils, legumes, peas, small potato, tortilla should also be included in a diabetic healthy diet. The next food group that diabetes health pyramid concentrates on is vegetables and fruits. 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and 2 to 4 servings of fruits is healthy enough. Vegetables and fruits can be had in forms of soups and juices.

The next level of pyramid tells us to include milk and meat products in your diabetic diet. Skimmed milk along with low fat cheese, non fat yoghurt, is healthy for a diabetic. 2 to 3 servings of meat, poultry and fish should also be a part of diabetic diet. Eggs, 2 Tbsp of peanut butter with brown bread is healthy for breakfast. Small portions of chicken or turkey breast are full of proteins and can be included in your diet. Many people wrongly cut down on poultry and meat thinking it can aggravate the problem of diabetes.

The tip of diabetic diet pyramid recommends fats, and sweets in low quantity. Sweets should be eaten less often. Best is to eat sweets that are prepared with artificial sweeteners that contain zero calories. Although the sweets are made from artificial sugars, its intake should be restricted. Alcohol within limits and that too rarely is fine.

Following a healthy diabetic diet will help you stay active and fight diabetes. Being punctual with your food habits also counts when one has to maintain blood sugar levels. Consult your dietitian for accurate diabetes diet today and say good bye to the ill effects of diabetes.