Dealthy diabetic diets

leading a healthy life despite diabetes is all about making healthy food choices

Being diagnosed with diabetes can really prove depressing and scaring. Diabetes is just like an epidemic engulfing thousands of people in its clutches. As the disease is incurable, the only way to escape its ill effects is by following a healthy and balanced diet. A healthy diet goes long way to curb the dreadful disease. Diabetic diets should aim at controlling the blood sugar levels. Type II diabetes is generally the outcome of obesity. Thus diabetics with type II will have to ensure that their diet helps them shed off the extra pounds as well. There are several success stories of diabetics leading a healthy life with the help of right diets.

To begin with, the person suffering from diabetes needs strong determination to fight back the disease. Along with healthy diets you also need exercise and right medical assistance to lead a normal life. Being able to understand your body requirements will help you plan your meals accordingly. Remember every individual is different and so are his/her body needs. Always follow a diet that is suitable for you. A diabetic diet is often planned depending upon the calories you need to take in, other medical history, gender and age.

A diabetic person should take 5 – 6 meals a day including snacks. A small meal at short intervals is the right way for diabetics. It is true that carbohydrates get converted into sugar and thus one need to take less of it. Many diabetics wrongly eliminate carbohydrates and fats completely from their diet. These two things are essential for the development of body and thus should be taken in small amounts. When including carbohydrates make sure you use complex carbohydrates as they get converted into starch. Carbohydrates help generate energy and are thus essential.

A diabetic diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily meals. Starchy vegetables also help you get complex carbohydrates and thus be included in your meals. The servings of fruits and vegetables will vary for each person. However, minimum 3 servings of vegetables and 2 of fruits is a must. Fruits are also rich in fiber and thus healthy. For more sources of complex carbohydrates include legumes, lentils, whole grains, milk, brown rice and bread in your diet. Avoid saturated and trans fats as they do no good to our body. Junk and oily food is also a complete no for diabetics.

Dairy and poultry are equally healthy and prove beneficial in a diabetic meal. Fish and eggs are high on proteins and omega acids which is healthy for our body. Small pieces of chicken or turkey breast are also fine as it helps meet protein intake. Sour cream, yoghurt, skimmed milk, nuts, herbal tea or coffee, sugar free fruit jam, brown bread, wheat pasta, half baked potato, and brown rice are some of more healthy food choices that can be included in a diabetic meal.

Making right choice among various food groups is essential as your health completely depends on it. Being a diabetic does not mean you be physically inactive and worry about sugar levels all the time. Leading a normal life despite suffering from diabetes is certainly possible with the help of right diabetic diet.