Balanced diet and exercise is what can keep diabetes at bay urges the New York state department of health

diabetes is a dreadful disease that has been giving shivers to thousands of people across the globe. Diabetes has been spreading like an epidemic in entire America where both young and adults easily fall prey to this incurable disease. Seeing several people fall victim to diabetes, the department of health New York state has taken efforts to curb this disease and help people lead a normal life. There are committees in New York informing people the importance of healthy and balanced diet. Only a wholesome diet has the power to control the blood sugar levels.

The best diet for diabetes is the one that helps to maintain the blood sugar levels. Following the recommended diet religiously will also help you in keeping the sugar levels at normal. With many citizens in New York state falling prey to a life threatening disease like diabetes, the health department felt the need to encourage diabetics to exercise and choose balanced diets. Food has the power to heal. Having every food item in right servings will normalize the glucose levels and fight back diabetes.

Here are some of the recommendations from New York state health department for diabetics.

You shall find many people talking about healthy and balanced diet to control diabetes. Yes it is true that healthy food groups help minimize and at times eliminate the future ill effects of diabetes. However, along with a good diet you also require an exercise regimen and medical assistance. A diabetic should not feel depressed and spend life indoors. Instead smile and show diabetes that you still can lead a normal life. By keeping yourself active you can help your sugar levels to stay normal. Exercise in any form is good. Dance, gym, or play your favorite games, swim, walk or jog. Make sure your body does get some exercise daily.

Suffering from diabetes does not mean you stop enjoying life. Go out and play with your kids, grandchildren, and pets. Do all the activities that you enjoy and help your body get some exercise. Right from cooking, to driving to cleaning the house, you can do it all. Determination to do things and fight diabetes will help you go a long way in life. Apart from being active and exercising do not forget your daily intake of healthy food items. A balanced diet should aim at controlling the blood sugar levels.

Always make healthy choices among food groups. Though every food when eaten in right quantity works well, diabetics would still need to be cautious when planning their meals. The NY state health department is proactive for a long time in urging diabetics to follow healthy meals. These meals are specially planned by doctors and expert dietitians to fight back diabetes. The diabetic diets are certainly different for every person. There are few factors to be considered before following any particular diet.

As per the NY state health department, the diabetic diet should consist of fresh vegetables and fruits. Beans, starchy vegetables, peas, lentils, legumes and whole grain should be in high quantity in a diabetic diet meal. Include fish, eggs, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, brown bread, beans, low fat yoghurt, cream, and skimmed milk. For cooking meals always use olive or peanut oil that is low in fats.

A diabetic person should always monitor his/her blood sugar levels. Medicines should be taken on time and meals should not be missed. A regular health checkup helps detect other ill effects instantly and can be treated at the earliest.