what are the symptoms of diabetes?

Doesn’t diabetes ring the bell of fear? I don’t want to be the one. Diabetes is the silent killer with a plan that can be short term or long term, and that depends entirely on the person with the symptoms. What? You scream, me, is it me that defines the plan? Yes, wake up and take heed, don’t ignore the periodic, repeated ripples of the stream called symptoms. Still waters run deep they say and I add, so does this disease.

It does not make its presence felt, it begins with mild overtures that folks generally wave off. What starts it in the first place? Read on and check it out for yourself so by the time you finish reading this write up you will be armed with the basic truth and it will be an eye opener for you. Have you learnt about the pancreas while you were in school? It’s a relatively small organ with a large function. Now when this organ becomes incapable of producing a hormone called insulin, then abnormally large amounts of glucose begin gathering in the bloodstream. You see, insulin is solely responsible for the conversion of glucose into energy there are no alternatives.

Diabetes is the outcome of this malfunction. Little or no insulin in the body elevates the blood sugar level. The body gets all shook up so to speak, it becomes weak and lethargic as it has no energy it needs to function normally. This, indeed is serious, taking the necessary action when the signs first show up helps control and prevent serious complications. On the other, some of us with our casual approach realize things too late. Diabetes has been segregated into three main categories and these are Type 1 or Juvenile diabetes,
Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus affects dogs and cats as well; this is known as canine and feline diabetes respectively. It does not even spare little children or infants its horror. One can become aware of the presence of diabetes by the signs that are mentioned as follows; frequent urination, extreme hunger and increased thirst, unusual weight loss or gain, blurry vision, fatigue, weakness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain (in children), recurring vaginal and bladder infections, low healing wounds and bruises, tingling, burning or numbness in the hands and feet, sexual dysfunctions and foot damage.

Casual response to the symptoms will lead to severe kidney damage, heart disease and strokes, nerve damage resulting in gangrene and amputations and blindness. It can be very devastating, I feel my heart cringing. What’s with diabetes? It’s straight from the pit of hell. Though there is no permanent cure yet there is hope and yes one can live a long, healthy life with compliance to the doctor’s recommendations.

Regular exercise, a healthy diet and timely medications are the key to managing this disease. Take hope, take courage, stand tall with your head held high and look it right in the eye and say “Diabetes, you know what, I am going to beat you!”

Never give up! Never give in!

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