what are symptoms of diabetes?

Every disease, no matter how subtle, has a set of give away signs. Diabetes is no exception. Initially, there is no glaring sign board saying “Hi I am an agent of diabetes”. Before it can even be detected the damage begins. We just don’t want to digest the fact of its evil presence. Early symptoms are so mild that very often they go overlooked. It is a progressive disease and life threatening as well if left unattended.

The pancreas is the insulin producing factory in the human body. Insulin is the hormone required and absolutely necessary for the conversion of glucose into energy. When the pancreas fails to execute its operations then the body system goes haywire. The glucose gets collected in the blood stream in abnormally high quantities without getting absorbed into the body cells. The body gets weak since it does not have enough energy to perform the day to day functions.

Diabetes has been divided into three main categories namely Type 1 diabetes or Juvenile diabetes (below 30 years of age), Type 2 diabetes (40 years and over) and Gestational Diabetes (women during their pregnancies). Type 1 and Type2 diabetes can happen to any age category as well. Gestational diabetes is temporary and passes once the child is born. However, the child may develop Type 2 diabetes later on in life.

Classic symptoms of diabetes are found below, if you notice one or more then its time to visit a doctor for a routine checkup. Increased appetite and craving for sugar, unusual bedwetting (in children), frequent urination, blurry vision, slow healing wounds and bruises, tingling, burning or numbness in the hand or feet, unexplained weight loss or weight gain, disturbed sleep patterns, lack of concentration, irritability, cramps, sweet smelly urine, fruit smelling breath, vaginal and bladder infections, urinary tract infections and sexual dysfunctions.

If neglected, the signs will rapidly cause severe complications as in kidney damage, nerve damage which leads to gangrene and amputations, heart diseases, foot damage due to nerve damage and blindness. In other words, please do not take it lightly and act immediately. Diabetes is also passed on genetically; folks who are overweight are at a high risk as well. Physically inactive people are in danger of developing the disease as well.

Though the disease is serious it can be manipulated to the benefit of the diabetic. Personal interest should be taken to follow the doctor’s instructions religiously. A normal healthy diet, regular exercise schedule and timely medications go a long way. Trust me; this is the mantra to controlling the demon in your life. Getting fed up with the situation and sporting a negative attitude will only prove detrimental. Instead, get a new mindset; get involved in activities that will boost your confidence and energy levels, do some new things, happy and fun things. This will get your mind off the existing worries and help you focus better.

Here’s to your good health and long, healthy and fulfilling life. The very fact that you are alive is a blessing from above. Life is given to us but the choice how to live it is thrown to us. So grab a hold of your precious self and live on!!

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