symptoms of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus has been around for ages, but in recent times there has been an outburst of the disease. It attacks and kills silently; the symptoms are generally very subtle. People who have the symptoms will not even be aware of it many times. It is a progressive disease and if left unattended will lead to severe complications. The disease is categorized into Type 1 (Juvenile disease), Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes. If it is detected in its early stages then it can be controlled and prevented from doing severe harm.

The advent of the disease in a human body occurs because of the malfunction of the pancreas. It’s the pancreas that is responsible for producing a hormone called insulin. Now, insulin has a very important role to play in the conversion of glucose into energy. Due to the incapability of the pancreas to produce the required amount of insulin or none at all, the glucose gets collected in the blood stream. This then becomes the root cause for physical disaster. It can happen to anyone in any age group.

Neglect or a light hearted approach to the warning signs can lead to major issues with the kidneys, heart, nerves and even cause blindness. In most cases these damages are irrevocable. Foot damage is also a possibility. Gangrene sets in and amputations are unavoidable. The disease also has a psychosocial effect on the diabetic. One should extend every kind of support to a diabetic and not discriminate against them. Symptoms that indicate the presence of the disease are, frequent urge to urinate, increased thirst, unusual weight loss or gain, red, swollen gums, increased hunger, dark, velvety patches on the skin, blurry vision, fatigue, tiredness and irritability.

Patients also tend to have slow healing wounds or bruises, recurring vaginal or bladder infections, flu like symptoms, tingling and burning sensations in the hands and feet. Sexual dysfunction is also a telltale sign. Numbness in the fingers and toes, dry, scaly, itching skin, nausea and numbness, mood changes, palpitations or heart tremors, fluid retention (especially in the hands and feet), frequent headaches and dizziness, nervousness, increased heart rate, decreased tolerance to cold and chronic itching. Observance of any of these symptoms needs to be attended to immediately.

The worse reaction to have is denial. Diabetes is a serious disease but it can be managed if it is detected in its early stages. Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet, regular exercise routines and timely medication takes a diabetic a long way. It requires discipline and formation of habit to be consistent if one wants to live a healthy, normal, long life. Being overweight and or physically inactive are also major causes of the disease. One needs to make an extra effort in order to stay healthy and fit more so with diabetics. Exercise does a world of good for anyone, its boosts one’s energy levels, helps build confidence and keeps one healthy and fit at all times. When your exercise you show your body and people around that you care. Diabetics can have big shares of green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, tea and coffee without sugar, soups and buttermilk.

Let me encourage you in case you are or test positive for the disease don’t curl up and allow it to kill you. Be brave and courageous, boost your confidence and broach a positive, winning stance. Life is beautiful and it is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest. Smile, if you choose to be on the winning side!

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