early symptoms of diabetes.

The early symptoms of diabetes are normally very subtle; it creeps up on people without them even knowing that they are coming in for diabetes. The human body emits signals which one tends to ignore or overlook. Neglect over a period of time will cause gradual breakdown of the body functions. So, when your body shows signs that are not normal to you, what you need to do is stop and pay attention and seek medical assistance. Diabetes by no means is a death sentence, it becomes one when an individual neglects the tell tale signs. Many sensible diabetics go on to lead a long and healthy life so cheer up as you cheer yourself on.

Symptoms of diabetes are generally very minor causing the person concerned to ignore them. But on the other hand if attention is given in the nick of time then serious complications can be avoided. Changes in bodily functions are evident as well as in schedule. Early symptoms include an unusual change in diet wherein a person feels extremely hungry or thirsty even though they have eaten and drank. Some diabetics experience a severe craving for sugar but this is not common to all diabetics. The need to urinate excessively is also another symptom as the bodily functions undergo alterations. A frequent, persistent urge to urinate indicates that something is amiss. Lack of required amount of insulin encourages the sugar to settle in the blood, the kidneys cleanse the blood of toxins and excess sugar but now work doubly harder. This leads to frequent urination which further leads to dehydration.

Emotional highs and lows are commonplace in the early stages of diabetes as well as mood swings. Energy levels drop and the individual experiences tiredness and fatigue more easily than before and finds that he or she cannot do the same things on a daily basis that they were used to doing, if this happens then its time to visit the doctor. Irritability is also another symptom. Skin infections are frequent as yeast thrives on sugar. High levels of blood sugar are an open invitation for yeast and this could be possible symptom of diabetes. Sores that do not heal in a hurry also indicate high blood sugar content.

Another symptom is blurry vision and is one of the final and most common problems seen in diabetics. Eye problems are common as the disease progresses. Lack of body fluids cause the body to source fluids from the eye tissue thus making vision poor. Gums that hurt as the body is not able to fight back infections weaken the teeth. Women experience vaginal or yeast infections. Burning, tingling sensations in the extremities, like hands, feet and the arms is another telltale sign of the onset of diabetes.

The human body was designed in such a fashion as to attack any foreign body or sickness, but in this case it is a malfunction from within or passed on genetically. The human anatomy is a masterpiece and one slightest function out of place triggers off an alarm so to speak. It will do you a world’s good to take heed if your body is sending out any of the above mentioned signals and visit your physician at the earliest.

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