combination of type 2 diabetes + weight loss + low carbohydrate diet

Now, everyone knows that a proper diet specially a low carbohydrate diet plays a vital role in monitoring of diabetes. In case of type 2 diabetes, you have to face two problems the first is diabetes and the other is obesity. Obviously, monitoring type 2 diabetes is your first goal. If you will not pay proper attention, it can cause other complications. Weight loss is your other goal. To achieve your first goal you need to take proper medications, and to achieve your other goal you need to follow a low carbohydrate diet.

Type 2 diabetes is a very common type of diabetes. It’s a type of diabetes which is associated with obesity, old age and family history of diabetes. If not taken seriously it can create serious complications like blurring eye sight, heart disease, etc. This is one reason why you find high mortality rate in type 2 diabetes compared to other types of diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, your body produces insufficient amount of insulin or no insulin at all. Your doctor prescribes doses of insulin after studying your blood sugar test results. Generally in early stage of type 2 diabetes your doctor does not prescribe insulin doses. At this stage a low carbohydrate diet helps you to control diabetes without medicines. It is proved that a low carbohydrate diet helps in the management of diabetes. Apart from this, it also helps to tackle other risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes. However, you need to be consistent with your diet and compliment it with an exercise regime.

Overweight or obesity can be one of the causes of type 2 diabetes. In such case you need a diet which will help you to control your weight. A low carbohydrate diet is what you need.

Generally, foods that we eat contain carbohydrates. Our body converts carbohydrates eaten by us into a fuel or glucose. And insulin in our body creates energy using glucose. A concept of a low carbohydrate diet is based on this mechanism of our body. By controlling the intake of carbohydrates in your body, you can control blood sugar levels. Generally, a low carbohydrate diets restricts the carbohydrate intake to 20 grams per day. Following of a low carbohydrate diet means you are producing lesser amount of glucose than necessary. At this stage the insulin in your body tries to use fats instead of glucose to create energy. In this process it burns fats in our body. This process is called as ketosis. Once your body starts the process of burning fats, you start losing weight.

That’s why your doctor suggests following a low carbohydrate diet along with medication and exercise. There are different types of low carbohydrate diets available in the market. You have to choose any one of them that suits your eating habits and lifestyle. Before selecting one, you must be aware of your daily calorie requirements.

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