Hypoglycemia, how to diet and lose weight

hypoglycemia is term denoted for people suffering from low blood sugar levels. Hypoglycemia can also occur due to some illness. Maintaining the blood sugar levels can look extremely difficult and one needs to make conscious efforts to do so. Hypoglycemia a clinical syndrome shows different symptoms in different people. People suffering from diabetes Type I and Type II have a risk of suffering from hypoglycemia. In rare cases, hypoglycemia is also known to produce tumors. People suffering from hypoglycemia can lead a healthy life by following a good diet and losing the excess weight.

Most people believe that only high blood sugar levels are bad, whereas low levels are equally harmful. Our body is like a machine that requires fuel in the form of food to function well and keep us going. The brain requires correct amount of sugar to work well. Once the food is digested, it is broken into sugar that is fed to each cell to produce energy for our body. Depriving the body of required sugar can damage your cells causing hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia is a state where the stimulation of insulin is disturbed, and the sugar is not fed to the cells at the rate it should have been. This causes low blood sugar level, causing discomfort in the body. However, hypoglycemia can be controlled with diets and exercise. You need to choose diets that can help you lose weight and also control the sugar levels. Here is what you should do to balance your blood sugar levels.

You must eat small meals at short intervals. Sugary and refined food should be completely avoided. You need to select food items that contain glycemic index below 55 – 60 and glycemic load below 12 – 15. Choose a diet that is high on fiber. Fiber has a good effect on blood sugar levels and helps you deal with hypoglycemia in a better manner. Food and beverages that are high on caffeine must be avoided. As excess weight can pose a problem for the proper functioning of insulin, one must take efforts to get rid of the extra flab.

Hypoglycemia can also be controlled with the help of exercise. A high protein diet will make sure that your body functions well and also help you slim down. Avoiding saturated fats is important to shed off the extra kilos and lead a healthy life. Depending upon the amount of weight you need to reduce, you have to select a diet. Make sure you have small meals at short intervals. Avoid junk and outside food. A healthy diet should include broccoli, walnuts, fresh fruits, skimmed milk, beans, and lots of water. Food that contains proteins like fish, meat, lunchmeat, and sausages should be included in a hypoglycemia diet.
The food that you choose plays a key role in the maintenance of your body. You can always consult a doctor before you choose any diet to lose weight and bring your sugar levels to normal. Willingness and determination to shed of extra pounds along with a well planned diet can certainly make you trimmer and healthier.

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