symptoms of juvenile diabetes

The malfunctioning of insulin causes a person to suffer from diabetes. Juvenile diabetes also commonly known as Type I diabetes is mostly found in children, young adults and teenagers. Symptoms of juvenile diabetes closely resemble to normal life problems and hence one unknowingly ignores it. Juvenile diabetes occurs due the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas. The food that we eat is converted to sugar and fed to each cell. This is the function of insulin. However, after the destruction of beta cells, the insulin fails to function well or the cells do not respond to insulin.

Juvenile diabetes is insulin dependant diabetes. Any person affected by juvenile diabetes needs to use insulin either in the form of injection or pump for survival. Without proper medication and improved diets along with exercise and regular monitoring of sugar levels a person suffering from juvenile diabetes will it find hard to survive. According to the experts, the exact cause of juvenile diabetes is still unknown. However, experts believe that the disease occurs due to environmental and genetic problems. A family history of diabetes is also responsible for the onset of juvenile diabetes.

Overlooking a disease like juvenile diabetes can prove fatal. This dreadful disease affects every organ present in the human body. With diabetes being nothing less than an epidemic we need to closely monitor every minute change in the body. To make things easier for you, read below to know about the symptoms of juvenile diabetes.

Excessive thirst and frequent urination is a common warning symptom of juvenile diabetes. Due to excess presence of sugar in the body, a person feels the need to urinate often and give out the sugar. Also you will experience a never ending thirst that does not get satisfied even after drinking liters of water. One will also indulge in eating constantly. Onset of juvenile diabetes may also make people feel tired and weak even without performing any activity. Despite proper sleep and food intake diabetes can make a person feel very tired.

Other symptoms of juvenile diabetes include fast breathing, sweet smell of breath, nausea, blurred vision, numbness and tingling sensation in feet and hands, and drowsiness. Extreme condition of juvenile diabetes can damage your kidney making it fail permanently. One can also suffer from blindness, impotency, and digestive problems. Complicated juvenile diabetes condition can increase the risk of heart stroke as well.

As some of symptoms of juvenile diabetes are similar to stress, one does not realize that it is the onset of a dreadful disease. As this disease is commonly found among youngsters and children, parents need to play an important role in constantly observing the change in their health and behavior. Regular medical checkups will help you detect the disease in the early stages thus avoiding further health complications. Do not ignore the warning symptoms of juvenile diabetes as it can lead to death. Consult your doctor for better understanding of juvenile diabetes.

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