symptoms juvenile diabetes

Juvenile diabetes also commonly known as Type I diabetes has been preying on kids and young adults for years. As diabetes can not be cured, one has to take precautions to control it. Juvenile diabetes is a chronic disorder that is caused due to the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas that emit insulin. Juvenile diabetes is an insulin dependant disease that forces one to survive with the help of insulin injections or pumps. Ignorance of this dreadful disease can cost you your life and thus one needs to take precautions and required medications throughout life.

Symptoms of juvenile diabetes are seen right from the early stages; however, as they appear to be minor most of us unknowingly ignore them. As there is no clear evidence of the cause of this disease, experts blame genetics, viruses, and environment as possible causes of juvenile diabetes. This disease can affect any one, right from toddlers to adults. As children are more vulnerable to this disease, parents need to be alert and watch out for symptoms of juvenile diabetes. Any change of behavior or health should not go unnoticed and doctor should be consulted to get the disease diagnosed.

Precaution is the only cure for juvenile diabetes. Early detection of the disease can protect your body from further damage. Here are the symptoms juvenile diabetes that should not be ignored and treated well in time.

Excessive thirst and frequent urination is one of most common signs of diabetes. However, when the same symptoms are observed in children, they are assumed to be normal requirements of a developing body. Drinking liters of water and still finding it hard to quench the thirst is certainly a symptom of juvenile diabetes. Frequent urination occurs due to the extra sugar in the blood which the body throws out in the form of urine.

A person will also tend to feel hungry and indulge in food constantly. Increase in appetite is certainly seen in growing children, however, eating more or feeling hungry than the normal is not a good indication. Another symptom of juvenile diabetes is sudden loss of weight. Despite healthy and nutritional meals if your child has been shedding weight, its time you rush him to the doctor. Also, if you find your child being inactive and tired without doing much physical activity, it can be a symptom of juvenile diabetes.

Other symptoms of juvenile diabetes are, blurred vision, irritation, confusion, bedwetting, sweet smelling breath, fast breathing, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting. In extreme cases, juvenile diabetes can cause blindness, kidney failure, heart strokes, coma and also death. Juvenile diabetes affects each organ of the body. Overlooking the symptoms and signs of juvenile diabetes can prove fatal in the near future and thus one need to instantly look out for medical help.

Symptoms of juvenile diabetes work as a warning signs. One must instantly rush to the doctor and get the blood sugar levels checked on experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms.

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