juvenile diabetes symptoms

Juvenile diabetes also popularly known as Type I diabetes is a common disease found in children or young adults. This is an autoimmune disease which occurs due to the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas. These cells are responsible for emitting insulin, as the insulin breaks the food in sugar to feed other cells. Juvenile diabetes is an insulin dependant disease and thus requires one to take insulin injection or pump for their survival. Understanding of this disease will help you detect juvenile diabetes symptoms at the earliest.

Although the doctors have not been able to give a clear reason for the occurrence of juvenile diabetes, experts blame it on genetic factors, virus and environment for the onset of this disease. Juvenile diabetes symptoms often closely resemble to daily life’s stress and thus one easily tends to ignore them. Juvenile diabetes can certainly be controlled with the help of proper diet and medical supervision; however negligence of the same can cost you your life. Juvenile diabetes affects each part of your body and thus it becomes extremely important to diagnose it at the earliest.

Read further to learn about the juvenile diabetes symptoms and help your kids or family members lead a healthy and a carefree life.

Some of common juvenile diabetes symptoms are frequent urination and increased thirst. As the body needs to give out the excessive sugar in the form of urine, you feel the need to urinate often. Also, one tends to drink plenty of water and still finds it hard to quench the thirst. Most take these signs to be natural, however drinking more water than required and visiting the washroom frequently is a warning sign of the onset of juvenile diabetes. Apart from this a person may feel excess hunger and indulge in eating constantly. You will also notice a sudden drop in your child’s weight. A weight loss even after eating proper meals is one major juvenile diabetes system.

Apart from the above mentioned signs and symptoms a child can also feel tired and that too without any physical activities. If you have off late observed your child being inactive and feeling extremely weak, it time for you to rush him/her to the doctor. Sweet smelling breath, fast breathing, confusion, irritation, bedwetting and drowsiness are also signs of juvenile diabetes. Many a times a person may also suffer from blurred vision and if care is not taken he/she might become blind. In few cases, juvenile diabetes symptoms show up in the sign of coma.

Negligence of juvenile diabetes has caused severe damage to kidneys, and eyes. It also results in heart stroke and increased blood pressure, causing lasting ill effects on the body. As people are not ready to accept the fact that their child can suffer from such a dreadful disease, they often overlook juvenile diabetes symptoms that results into something serious in the near future. It is best to accept the situation and take corrective measures to control and fight the disease. A healthy and a carefree life is the best gift you can give your kids, thus if you have observed any of the above juvenile diabetes symptoms in your child, rush him to the doctor today.

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