juvenile diabetes signs symptoms

Diabetes is a disease that we all are familiar with. This dreadful disease has given sleepless nights to thousands of people. Juvenile diabetes is just another name for Type I diabetes and is normally found in children and youngsters. It is a chronic health problem that occurs due to the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas. The destruction of the cells causes malfunctioning of insulin that is responsible to transform food into sugar. As the insulin fails to perform its function, the sugar level rises in the blood causing severe ill effects on each organ of the body. To protect your body from the harmful effects, monitoring juvenile diabetes signs and symptoms becomes important as it can help you detect the disease at the earliest.

Being diagnosed by diabetes can send shivers down your spine as it is a non curable disease. However, if proper care is taken in time, one can spend a healthy life despite being affected by juvenile diabetes. As children are more vulnerable to this disease, parents need to take extra care in observing the slightest change in the health and behavior of their growing children. Ignorance of juvenile diabetes has caused failure of kidney, blindness, coma and eventually death. Juvenile diabetes signs and symptoms should not be ignored and instant medical help should be taken to tackle the disease.

Juvenile diabetes signs and symptoms may seem minor and normal and are overlooked. Here are juvenile diabetes signs and symptoms that can alert you about the onset of the disease.

Increased thirst and frequent urination are among the most common warning signs of diabetes. This being a natural process, people tend to ignore the fact that they have been urinating more often. You also feel dehydrated and have a dry mouth. The extra sugar present in the body is given out in the form of urine. Also, one feels the urge to constantly eat. Increased hunger is also a sign of diabetes. You may also see your kids suddenly shedding out kilos even after having a good appetite and nutritional meals. Frequent tiredness and fatigue for no reason is also an indication of juvenile diabetes.

Other juvenile diabetes signs and symptoms are numbness and tingling sensation of hand and feet, fruit like smell of breath, irritation, confusion, fast breathing, and bedwetting. There are cases where this dreadful disease has taken the life of people. Juvenile diabetes can prove fatal if required care is not taken. A person suffering from juvenile or Type I diabetes needs to rely on intake of insulin for his survival.

Apart from diabetic history in family, researchers blame the environment and viruses as possible cause’s juvenile diabetes. As the disease is growing rapidly, one has to pay attention to juvenile diabetes signs and symptoms. Negligence is not the right thing when it comes to our health. To bless yourself with healthy and carefree life meet your doctor today if any of the signs are seen in your body.

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