juvenile diabetes onset symptom

Juvenile diabetes is a chronic disorder mostly affecting children, and youngsters below the age of 30. This autoimmune disease occurs due to the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas. When the insulin fails to function well or the cells stop responding to it, a person is known to suffer from Type I or juvenile diabetes. The juvenile diabetes onset symptoms are mostly ignored as they seem to be minor. However, ignorance of this dreadful disease can prove fatal in the near future.

Juvenile diabetes onset symptoms are often overlooked as they closely resemble to daily life’s stress. As toddlers and teenager are more prone to juvenile diabetes, parents need to keep a close watch on their growing kids. Early detection of the disease can help you take the right precautions and medication to avoid further complications. Detection of juvenile diabetes onset symptoms is very essential as ignorance to it, has cost people their life. Kids who suffer from juvenile diabetes have to rely on insulin for their survival. Though the exact reason for juvenile diabetes is still unknown, researchers say that apart from heredity and genetics, the environment is also to be blamed.

Here are the juvenile diabetes onset symptoms that you should watch out for in your children and take the required measures instantly.

Increased urination

This is one of most common warning signs of diabetes. As the body has to get rid of excess sugar present in the blood, it gives it out in the form of urine. Thus if you have observed your child visiting the wash room more often, you may want to get him medically checked.

Excess Thirst

Another common juvenile diabetes onset symptom is excessive thirst. When child finds it hard to satisfy his thirst even after drinking liters of water, there are chances that he/she is suffering from Type I diabetes.

Sudden weight loss

Shedding off kilos for no reason is a sign that diabetes has taken over the health of your child. Despite a good appetite and healthy meals, if you see your child shrinking, its best to get his/her sugar levels checked.

Increased appetite

One may also experience increase hunger and will indulge in eating constantly. A constantly hungry child also needs a checkup and this sign should not be treated as normal.

Tiredness and fatigue

Feeling tired without doing any physical activity is a juvenile diabetes onset symptom. A child may become inactive suddenly and find no energy left to take part in any event.

Additional juvenile diabetes onset symptoms

A person who gets affected with diabetes will also show signs of fast breathing, drowsiness, sweet smell of the breath, blurred vision, irritation, bedwetting and confusion. In extreme cases this disease can affect the kidney causing permanent damage or failure, blindness and unconsciousness, and also heart strokes.

Diabetes does not have any cure but can always be controlled with proper diet, exercise, medication and improved lifestyles. If you have been observing any of the above juvenile diabetes onset symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor at the earliest and take measures to avoid any further damage to your body.

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