juvenile diabetes causes and symptoms

Juvenile diabetes causes and symptoms are so minor that they are often ignored. Failure to accept the occurrence of such a disease many a times leads to serious health problems. Juvenile diabetes is commonly found in toddlers, children and young adults up to the age of 30. There are large numbers of children who are falling prey to juvenile diabetes, with some even struggling to live. Neglect of a dreadful disease like juvenile diabetes can prove fatal in the near future. Learning and understanding juvenile diabetes causes and symptoms will help you control the disease and lead a healthy as well as carefree life.

The exact cause of juvenile diabetes is yet to be understood. However, researchers and experts blame genetics and environmental factors for this disease. A person who has a family history of diabetes has a high risk of being affected by the disease. Environmental changes and viruses are also known to be a cause of juvenile diabetes. As there is no cure for this life threatening disease, one should not overlook juvenile diabetes symptoms. Observing the small changes in your body can help you detect the disease at the earliest.

Juvenile diabetes causes and symptoms closely resemble daily stress. As toddlers and kids are more prone to this disease, many a times they fail to realize what change is taking place in their system. As a precautionary measure, parents need to act wisely and take the steps and observe every minute change in their child’s behavior and health. Listed below are few juvenile diabetes causes symptoms that you must watch out for in your growing kids.

Increased Hunger

A person suffering from diabetes may experience increased appetite. Constantly indulging in food and still feeling hungry is a warning sign of juvenile diabetes.

Excessive thirst

This is one of common signs and symptom of diabetes. You find it hard to quench the thirst. No amount of water seems to be sufficient to reduce the thirst.

Frequent Urination

As the sugar levels get high in the blood, the body tends to give it out in the form of urine. If you have observed your child visiting the washroom more often, you may like to get his sugar levels checked.

Sudden weight loss

Despite regular meals, a diabetic may loose kilos of weight in short time. Loosing weight suddenly is another juvenile diabetes warning sign.

Fatigue and tiredness

Sudden withdrawal from activities due to tiredness and fatigue is also a sign of juvenile diabetes. Tiredness should not be misunderstood as stress. If the child or person continues to feel tired for days, it is best to consult a doctor.

Additional signs and symptoms of Juvenile diabetes

Apart from the above mentioned signs and symptoms, a person can suffer from irritation, confusion, blurred vision that can later result into blindness. Also you shall find a diabetic to have sweet smelling breath. Breathing fast, drowsiness, bedwetting, and weakness, are some more signs of juvenile diabetes.

Ignorance of juvenile diabetes symptoms can cause severe damage to every organ of your body. One must take them seriously and consult a doctor if either sign is seen for a long time. Self examination is the best way to detect the disease and safeguard your body from further damage.

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