causes and symptoms of juvenile diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which either the insulin fails to function or the cells do not respond to it. In either of the situation you are sure to suffer from diabetes. The food that we take in is broken down into sugar and fed to each cell, if this process does not take place, then the sugar levels become high in the blood causing the disease. Diabetes is a disease that can not be cured but certainly be controlled. The disease can prove extremely fatal if proper care is not taken as diabetes affects each organ of our body. There are several causes and symptoms of juvenile diabetes.

As per the experts, the actual cause of juvenile diabetes is still unclear. It is known that when the B cells of pancreas that secrete insulin get destructed, a person suffers from Juvenile diabetes. Environmental factors and genetics are also blamed for causing type I or juvenile diabetes. People who get affected by juvenile diabetes need to depend on insulin injections for survival. Juvenile diabetes can cause serious health problems if it is ignored. Early detection of juvenile diabetes will help you control it well in time before it causes any severe damage. Juvenile diabetes is normally seen in children, teenagers and adults who are not more than 30.

Here are the symptoms of juvenile diabetes that can help you detect the disease at the earliest and fight it well in time.

Extreme Thirst

One of most common signs of diabetes is excess thirst. You tend to feel dehydrated and no amount of water seems to be sufficient to quench the thirst. If you find yourself drinking liters of water and still feel the urge to drink more, you need to get your blood sugar levels checked.

Frequent Urination

As the sugar levels rise in blood, the body throws it out in the form of urine. Most people take it lightly thinking it to be natural, however visiting the washroom more than the normal is nothing but a warning sign of juvenile diabetes.

Increased hunger

A person suffering from diabetes tends to feel hungry very often. Just like thirst, you find food to be insufficient to satisfy your stomach. Indulging in meals and feeling constantly hungry is another warning sign.

Weight Loss

Despite eating healthy and nutritional food, a diabetic person can see a sudden drop in weight.

Fatigue and tiredness

If you have been feeling tired and weak without doing any activity, you better get your sugar levels checked as it indicates a problem with your system.

Additional signs and symptoms of juvenile diabetes

Some more additional symptoms of juvenile diabetes are feeling lethargic, sweet smelling breath, fast breathing, numbness or tingling sensation in feet or hands, blurred vision, nausea, and in extreme cases unconsciousness.

Negligence towards these symptoms can prove fatal in the near future. Along with proper diet, exercise, insulin injections, medications and self examining of sugar levels will help you control the disease and lead a healthy life. If you have been experiencing any of the above symptoms, delay not and visit your doctor today to gift yourself a better life.

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