weight gain problems? Take proper diet for gestational diabetes

A proper diet for gestational diabetes is nutritionally balanced to maintain good health of a pregnant woman and lead to a successful pregnancy. Choice of food by the mother provides the basic nutritional building blocks for the developing baby. In most cases eating a proper diet is all that is needed to keep a pregnant woman’s blood sugar within the normal range. If this fails to have the desired results then it is followed by insulin injections. When suffering from gestational diabetes a woman must pay attention to the number of calories she takes and should avoid taking such food that may increase her blood glucose. The emphasis should be on eating foods that support maintaining normal blood sugar level.

The right person to craft a proper diet regimen for gestational diabetes is a qualified dietitian. You can ask your doctor to refer you to a reliable dietician who can recommend proper diet, for gestational diabetes, prepared for your individual health condition and needs. You may also approach the local chapter of the American Dietetic Association/American Diabetic Association for help in locating a qualified dietitian in your area.

Menu for a proper diet for gestational diabetes is directly related to your weight gain requirements during pregnancy. It is important for you to understand this because the weight you gain during different stages of your pregnancy is roughly indicative of the amount of nutrition available for your growing baby. If your weight gain is inadequate it may result in a smaller than normal baby lacking proper protective calorie reserves at the time of its birth. Such a baby will be more susceptible to contracting illness during its first year. On the other hand if your weight gain is excessive it may create insulin resistance similar to the effect created by the hormones the placenta produces during pregnancy and which raises the level of your blood glucose.

The optimal weight you need to gain during pregnancy depends on your pre-pregnancy weight. If you were of optimal weight for your height at the time you became pregnant the ideal weight gain recommended for the period of pregnancy would be in the range of 24 to 27 lbs. In case you were overweight by 20 lbs the recommended weight gain is 20 to 24 lbs.

Taking proper diet for gestational diabetes becomes all the more important when you are underweight at the time of getting pregnant. You need to gain extra weight during your pregnancy in order to provide the right amount of nutrition to your baby. In such a case you need to gain approx. 28 to 36 lbs depending how underweight you were before pregnancy. It is therefore important for you to know your ideal pre-pregnancy weight to determine how much weight you need to gain during the period of your pregnancy to maintain good health and bring a healthy bonnie baby into this world. Your healthcare provider or your physician will be able to tell you the desirable weight level you need to be at the time you get pregnant and also recommend the proper weight gain for the period of pregnancy.

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