sample diet for gestational diabetes

a sample diet for gestational diabetes is a crucial part of a meal plan specifically made for a pregnant woman suffering from gestational diabetes, a disease leading to unsafe blood sugar levels, and is meant for effectively controlling her blood sugar through diet regulation. In many cases diet regulation alone does not prove sufficient for controlling the patient’s high blood sugar level and insulin injections are given as a supplementary sugar control measure. Mild form of physical exercise is also recommended along with diet regulation and insulin for achieving proper results. Control of blood sugar is vital for the health of the patient and also for that of the unborn baby that is undergoing development in the mother’s womb.

By following a diabetic menu meant for a patient of gestational diabetes a pregnant woman ensures that she is taking enough nutrition of the right kind that is beneficial for her health and for the growing fetus without causing an overload of blood glucose in her body during her pregnancy. A proper diet ensures that a woman suffering from gestational diabetes receives the number of calories ideal for her to be in good health which includes the best nutrition to be available for the baby too as the baby receives its nutrition from the mother. If the baby receives inadequate nutrition it may be underweight at the time of birth and may not have sufficient calorie reserves that can help in fighting illnesses during its first year after birth.

A careful look at the sample diet for gestational diabetes will show that it takes care to avoid certain food groups. At the top are sweets, corn syrup, desserts, honey, sugar, white rice and other foodstuff that contains glucose, sucrose or fructose. It also aims at restricting carbohydrate intake as carbohydrates breaks down in the digestive system to form glucose. However, ideally about 50 to 60 percent of the calories in the diet for a gestational diabetes patient should come from carbohydrates. Therefore, the meal plan is designed in a way that includes food from the right food groups in quantities that provide the ideal number of carbohydrate calories in each meal.

Another very important aspect of the diet meant for gestational diabetes patients is that food containing high fat or sodium is avoided. This is because diabetes is a precursor of heart disease. Eating a large amount of fat and sodium is not good for heart health and greatly increases the risk of getting heart disease. You have to be extra careful about this when you have gestational diabetes as not only your own but the life and health of your baby is also at risk.

The sample diet for gestational diabetes contains whole grain breads, and fiber rich food containing starches and complex carbohydrates that are slow digesting. They also increase the blood glucose level steadily. These include fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, grapefruit, mangoes and vegetables like beans, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, cabbages etc. that are also rich in minerals, nutrients and vitamins so necessary especially for pregnant women. Milk, yogurt, meat, fish, poultry in balanced quantities are also important parts of a sample diet for gestational diabetes.