pregnancy and gestational diabetes diet

Every expectant diabetic woman needs to make sure that she has a pregnancy gestational diabetic diet plan in place if she wants to safely go through her pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is a problem that affects about 200,000 pregnant women in the United States every year. The disease manifests itself in the second trimester of pregnancy and makes the blood glucose level rise to very high levels which pose a serious risk to the health of the mother and the unborn baby. A blood sample test is done to confirm blood glucose level.

Diabetes can affect anyone and for the majority of people it is a lifestyle disease which results from excessive stress, regular consumption of high starch diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes is not curable but it can be controlled. Gestational diabetes, however, affects only pregnant women and simply vanishes after the baby is born. A diabetic diet plan is the most effective way of preventing health complications arising from a diabetic condition during pregnancy. A properly designed pregnancy gestational diabetic diet menu is different from the usual diet menu meant for pregnant women not suffering from gestational diabetes. It is aimed at cutting down on carbohydrates and sugars in the diet for maintaining the daily calorie intake at 2000 calories. The total number of calories required actually depends on the height, weight and daily activities of an individual and may slightly vary from one person to the other. When following a recommended pregnancy gestational diabetes diet you must be careful about the daily quantity of carbohydrates, sugar and fats you consume.

Designing a pregnancy gestational diabetes diet is the job of a qualified professional and you will need to get in touch with a registered dietician specializing in diabetic nutrition, if you want to get one prepared for yourself. Such a diet is individualized and is not identical for every one suffering from gestational diabetes. The dietician will chart out a diet plan keeping in view your specific nutritional needs, blood sugar level, your food preferences and other parameters; fine tuning it to be best suited to your individual situation.

When you follow a pregnancy gestational diabetes diet it means you have to eat for two. This does not mean eating more. It just means eating right as you have to be careful about providing the right nutrition to your developing baby too. This is done by ensuring that you eat the correct amount of calories everyday to help build tissues for your baby and yourself as well. During pregnancy your body undergoes many changes quite rapidly and eating a proper diet ensures that you are providing your body with the necessary means to cope with such changes.

Every properly designed pregnancy gestational diabetes diet targets controlling gestational diabetes without resorting to insulin injections. Blood glucose is controlled by eating the right food in the right quantities. Insulin is taken only when absolutely necessary i.e. when dietary regulation alone is not able to keep the rise in blood glucose within safe limits.

A well designed pregnancy gestational diabetes diet is made to supply you with the optimum nutrition without causing an overload of glucose in your blood to keep you and your baby in the best of health.

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