gestational diabetes sample diet makes it easy to choose healthy food

Gestational diabetes sample diet is meant for women with gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a disease that affects women during pregnancy. It is not detected during the first three months and only surfaces during the second trimester and remains throughout the rest of the period of pregnancy. After the baby is born it disappears on its own. In this disease the pancreas is unable to produce an adequate amount of insulin necessary to convert glucose in the blood into fuel for producing energy.

This problem can be effectively countered by adopting a gestational diabetes sample diet plan. The gestational diabetes sample diet regulates daily food intake in a way that ensures that the blood glucose level of the patient does not rise to unsafe levels. To achieve this goal it divides the food to be eaten during the day into three meals and three snacks, each containing an equal number of calories that add up to the total calorific requirement for one day.

The gestational diabetes sample diet puts a curb on sweets, deserts and excessive carbohydrates. Sweets, deserts and simple carbohydrates are replaced with complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly and hence are slow to add to an increase in blood glucose. The goal of a sample gestational diabetes diet is to provide adequate energy to a pregnant woman without causing any negative effects on her blood sugar level. This energy is measured in calories that need to be available in correct amounts to ensure providing proper nutrition to her. Calorific content in the diet should be appropriate to support the needs of the growing baby as well good health and well being of the mother and maintain the correct levels of blood glucose at the same time.

The gestational diabetes sample diet is designed to meet the weight gain needs of a pregnant woman. During the first trimester a normal healthy woman gains two to four pounds. Thereafter she gains a pound each week. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the diet with 2 oz of extra meat or two glasses of milk that can provide additional protein and 200 to 300 extra calories from the second trimester onwards.

Meal planning under a gestational diabetes sample diet centers on eating a number of small meals everyday instead of 2/3 heavy meals because spreading the daily diet into many small meals helps to stabilize blood glucose at healthy levels. The sample diet also takes care to combine different foods in each of the meals to ensure that carbohydrates are not ingested alone.

One example of gestational diabetes sample diet for a pregnant woman is being given here:

Morning breakfast

Toasted whole grain bread – 2 slices
Peanut butter – 2 tbs
Fresh fruit juice – ½ a cup

Pre lunch snack

Fresh cottage cheese – 1 cup
Apple – 1


Bean/lentil soup – 1 cup
Crackers (whole grain) – 1 serving
Low fat cheese – 2 oz
Baby carrots – 1cup

Post lunch snack

Almonds (raw) – 20
Grapes – 1cup


Fish (any variety) – 6 oz
Broccoli (steamed) – 1 cup
Brown rice – 1 cup
Low fat milk – 1 cup

Post dinner snack

Plain air popped popcorn – 5 cups

This is only a sample diet plan for a day; you can prepare your own plan after consulting your dietitian and physician.

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