the importance of a diabetic eye care program

If you are diabetic, then you should not be simply satisfied if you have modified your diet to include healthy foods and kicked off a vigorous exercise regimen. Since fluctuating blood sugar levels can affect vital nerves and also affect blood supply to vital organs such as hands, feet, kidneys and eyes, it is important that you also test these organs for any damage at regular intervals. Along with other tests, it is essential that you also chart out a diabetic eye care program to thwart off any impending disease.

You should realize that diabetes can lead to several eye diseases such as retinal vascular occlusion, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy and glaucoma. All these diseases can affect your retina, blood cells, nerves and other vital fluids that are very important for your eyes to perform their functions. Hence, a strict check over blood sugar levels should also be accompanied by regular visits to an ophthalmologist. This will enable you to catch any disease while it is in its nascent stage and treat it effectively. Many eye diseases are not reversible after a certain stage although if you manage to catch it earlier, then surgery using lasers or other equipment can be successfully used to restore your eyesight to earlier levels.

With the scourge of diabetes enveloping increasing numbers of people every year, a diabetic eye care program is urgently needed to prevent a growing number of diabetics from losing their eyesight to any of the eye problems caused by diabetes. An awareness program needs to be kick-started on a massive scale that includes advertisements slotted in prime spots in various media such as tv, radio and print. The government should join hands with private corporations and bring out a diabetic eye branding kit, which contains all the necessary brochures and newsletters that provide all the latest data related to diabetic eye care in an easy-to-understand format.

These kits can be placed in special custom created displays, which can then be placed on any countertop in hospitals, eye clinics, government offices, schools, colleges, malls, stadiums, etc. In addition, these kits can also be sent by mail to rural areas so that it touches the entire population of the country. An official logo or mascot can be created so that each reader can identify the logo or mascot with eye care, similar to what has been done for cancer and AIDS awareness. Ophthalmologists should also participate in this campaign and offer gift certificates that can be redeemed against their services. This will attract large numbers of people to check their eyes. Diabetics and pre-diabetics should be specifically targeted although others too should be encouraged to check their eyes regularly. Any advertising campaign should reach its climax in November, which is actually the diabetic disease eye care month.

Hence you should definitely not ignore your eyes if you have diabetes. Until the government becomes aggressive in its advertising efforts, you should take the initiative and get into a diabetic eye care program that checks your eyes at regular intervals. Your foresight in this matter could help protect your eyesight for a long, long time.

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