preventive action to prevent diabetic eye

Diabetics need to get their eyes examined at least once every three months since high blood sugar levels can cause various complications known as diabetic eye which can cause irreversible damage if it is not caught and treated on time.

The biggest problem, however is that most diabetics and most people in general do not realize the importance of regular eye tests since they do not have the required information on it. Many people that have been detected with diabetes might already be in advanced stages of various diabetes related eye diseases such as diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, diabetic cataract or retinal vascular occlusion. All these diseases involve different sections of the eye such as nerves, muscles, blood cells and fluids present or leading to the eye. All of these eye diseases related to diabetes can lead to blindness if not treated in time. Hence it is vital that people are educated on the importance of such tests.

Various governments, charities, ophthalmologists, eye hospitals and even stores that sell spectacle frames and lenses should do their bit in advertising in any way that they can to inform people about the dangers of missing eye-checkup appointments. These advertisements could be in the form of radio spots or advertising on TV or even through any print medium. It could also be in the form of newsletters sent out by mail at regular intervals to maintain the tempo. There are select companies that manufacture custom display stands made of acrylic and other materials that can even be kept over any countertop in eye clinics, spectacle stores or even on the inquiry counters at eye hospitals. These stands can be filled with brochures or other helpful materials on how to take care of one’s eyes and should also stress on the importance of regular eye tests to prevent the onset of developing a diabetic eye. These counter top displays can be quite eye-catching and anyone entering the clinic, store or hospital is sure to get curious enough to read the contents of any brochure or newsletter kept inside it.

In addition to such brochures, other branding advertisements or gift offers can also be displayed in such displays. Gift certificates can also be offered as an incentive to attract more people to go in for such tests. These gifts can be sponsored by corporate houses related to eye care or even others that need to identify themselves with such a worthy cause. The main focus should to be to get as many people as possible into eye-testing clinics and hospitals so that their eyes can be checked before the onset of any disease. The month of November is Diabetic Disease Eye month and such exercises should be concentrated before and during such months so that maximum number of people can benefit from these drives. In diabetes and its related complications, prevention is definitely better than cure since almost all the complications associated with diabetes are irreversible.

Hence, all organizations related to diabetes and eye care should come under one umbrella and embark on an advertising blitzkrieg that gets the required attention from people about the importance of regular eye checkups to prevent a diabetic eye.

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