more diabetic eye advertisements needed to spread the word

Diabetes is not just about keeping blood sugar levels under control, eating non-fatty foods or exercising regularly. This disease unfortunately can also be the harbinger of other disease that affects the eyes, feet, heart and kidneys. Just as any branding or marketing company tries to reach out to a maximum audience, so too should various governments along with private organizations try to advertise on a large scale to create awareness about the dangers of developing a diabetic eye. Hence, more diabetic eye advertisements are definitely needed to spread the word.

A diabetic eye can result in glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vascular occlusion, diabetic neuropathy or diabetic cataract. All these diseases affect the various components of the eye such as the retina, cornea, nerves, blood cells, etc and the end results of all these diseases is the same, which is total blindness. Diabetics have a higher chance of contacting these diseases due to their high blood sugar levels, which leads to poor blood circulation along with nerve damage. Therefore, it is imperative that diabetics, pre-diabetics and even non-diabetics get their eyes tested at regular intervals to prevent the flare up of any eye disease in the first place. However, diabetics and pre-diabetics should certainly get these tests done at frequent intervals.

The role of ophthalmologists too is crucial in this fight against this dangerous side effect of diabetes. There are now select companies that can help ophthalmologists reach out to a large number of people. They not only provide attractive displays that can be kept on any countertop, but can also help devise advertisements that can be aired on prime spots on radio, tv or even in other print media. They can devise custom newsletters that can be posted direct to certain sections of society. These can be sent by bulk mail to the target audience. These displays can also hold brochures that provide vital information on the subject of diabetic eye diseases and the consequences of ignoring regular eye checkups. These brochures could also explain the measures needed to prevent or delay these debilitating eye diseases. Such advertising should also concentrate on the month of November, which is diabetic disease eye month.

Ophthalmologists can also offer special gifts or certificates to people who get their eyes checked during that particular month as motivation to attract them towards their eye clinics or eye hospitals. Various governments and charities too can participate in such programs and in fact should promote it as diligently as any branding exercise to firmly get the message across. This will compel more and more people to understand the seriousness of such tests and step forward to get their eyes checked. Diabetics should be especially targeted due to the high risk caused by their elevated sugar levels.

Hence, there is a definite need of additional diabetic eye advertisements to spread the word that these two precious jewels need to be protected in general and especially from the ravages of diabetes. A varied advertising campaign spread across different media could enable ophthalmologists and governments to get their message across to the public very effectively.

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