hit the bull’s eye with diabetic eye direct mail

Most diabetics tend to ignore the far-reaching effects of diabetes. Many tend to concentrate on only lowering their blood sugar levels through a healthy diet. The rest of their time and effort is occupied by following an exercising routine. Yet, whatever the reason, the fact is that most diabetics fail to devote enough time to go in for regular checkups for their eyes, hands, feet and kidneys. This lack of attention can extract a heavy toll in the form of blindness if diabetics do not go in for regular eye tests. But in order to attract diabetics towards eye tests, ophthalmologists should first attract the eyes of diabetics with effective diabetic eye direct mail.

Unlike earlier times when ophthalmologists would need to plan and execute their entire advertising campaign all by themselves, now they have a choice of hiring the services of select expert marketing companies that have fine-tuned their programs especially for them. These select companies can offer high-end marketing campaigns by designing and executing advertisements in different media such as TV, radio and print. These advertisements can however be on the expensive side and a continuous campaign could not be feasible for newly established ophthalmologists.

A reasonably priced option that could enable them to reach out to potential patients that are nearer to their clinic or eye hospital could be in the form of a diabetic eye direct mail campaign. But first, the ophthalmologist would need to create an eye-catching marketing kit that could contain brochures explaining various tests and treatments, articles on diabetes care and newsletters that report the latest happenings in the world of diabetes. This kit could also contain attractive gift certificates which could provide an additional incentive for those people that receive these mailers. These kits could be mailed with the help of insurance companies or could simply be mailed on a particular zip code which could be situated near the clinic or eye hospital. Direct mail could thus help in targeting the right target addressees for such ophthalmologists.

These marketing kits can also be kept in custom made displays that can be strategically placed on countertops at inquiry counters or waiting rooms in the clinic or hospital. This too can help spread the message of the importance of regular eye checkups. Even pre-diabetics and non-diabetics should be persuaded to get their eyes checked at regular intervals to avoid complications in the form of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic neuropathy or diabetic retinopathy. If these diseases are detected and treated in the initial stages then diabetics can be assured of complete recovery as compared to later stages where recovery would be extremely difficult and where the patient could end up losing sight from one or both eyes.

Hence a diabetic eye direct mail campaign can bear rich dividends since it can be aimed at select neighborhoods. The contents of the branding kit should encourage people to go in for their eye checkups and the branding kit itself should look eye-catching enough for people to pick up and read it with interest. If handled with care, this low-priced campaign can save the eyes of a lot of diabetics and also tempt others to check their eyes before any complications arise.

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