go all out with diabetic eye TV spots

If you are an ophthalmologist then you might surely be disappointed by the lack of importance given by diabetics to proper eye tests or eye care. Most diabetics are unaware that diabetes can cause various eye complications that could even lead to total blindness. If you truly want to impress upon a very large number of people on the importance of such tests then you should go all out with diabetic eye TV spots.

Although advertising on TV could be quite costly, it can also propel you to the top within a very short time. TV can give you an edge over other media such as radio or print and enhance your reputation too. An attractive TV advertisement will remain embedded in the minds of viewers for a long time. The biggest advantage that you have is that a large majority of people have TVs in their homes and the impact of advertising on TV too is much deeper than any other method. There are specialized companies in the market that can help customize such advertisements according to your requirements and ensure that it is released during prime slots. Repeated TV advertisements can certainly drive home the point of the advantages of regular eye checkups for diabetics and even pre-diabetics and will compel a large number of patients to turn up at your clinic or hospital for such checkups.

Once patients start entering your clinic as a result of these advertisements, you will need to educate them in great detail without frightening them. This can be done by placing diabetic eye branding kits in custom designed displays that can be placed on any countertop in your clinic. You can also place them in your waiting room. These branding kits could contain brochures and newsletters that display and explain various diabetes related eye diseases such as diabetic neuropathy, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc. Procedures such as operations using lasers can also be explained in these brochures. The newsletters could contain the latest happenings in the world of diabetes, including new treatments, medications, etc.

You can also embark on a direct mail campaign in addition to your TV campaign. Remember to take care to stick with similar logos, slogans or themes throughout all your campaigns, be it TV, print or mailers. This will help patients to identify you with those campaigns and create a feeling of trust in their eyes. Your mail campaign could also include newsletters and gift coupons to encourage people to walk into your clinic for those eye tests. You can offer to redeem those gift certificates against service costs or against supplies or medications. A combination of TV spots with other campaigns that are easier on your wallet will boost the chances of success and you will soon witness a steady rise in the number of patients walking into your clinic.

Hence, even though advertising on TV might be costly, it can surely separate you from other ophthalmologists in the eyes of your viewers and instantly thrust you to the top. You can also focus your entire campaign during November, which is diabetic eye disease month to increase this visual and verbal impact.

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