give the gift of sight with diabetic eye gift certificates

Ophthalmologists could be pained to see that very few diabetics pay close attention to their eyesight. Most of them do not realize the dangers of ignoring their eyes while others have different excuses for missing eye checkup appointments. However, diabetic eye gift certificates can definitely lure diabetics among other people to report in for their eye checkups.

Ophthalmologists have tried unsuccessfully to remind diabetics that ignoring regular eye checkups can result in severe complications in their eyes due to their high sugar levels. Diabetes causes blood vessels to leak and also causes nerve damage. This damages delicate muscles and cells in and around the eyes leading to serious complications such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic neuropathy among others. These can be treated if they are detected in earlier stages but if diabetics ignore regular eye tests and turn up only when the symptoms become unbearable then it could certainly end in blindness. The key is to attract diabetics and even pre-diabetics to strictly include regular eye tests in their routine.

There are many ways of attracting the attention of diabetics towards the risks posed by diabetes. An advertising campaign can be launched over the radio or tv during prime spots or regular advertisements can be displayed in print media. However, until the government, insurance companies, large corporate houses and media magnates do not come together to undertake a helping hand to such a project, there is very little chance of ophthalmologists being able to bear the entire burden of such advertising campaigns on their own. Such a campaign should at least be undertaken in November, which is diabetic disease eye month.

Even if they are left to their own devices, ophthalmologists can at least hire efficient specialty companies that can design attractive diabetic eye marketing kits which contain various brochures explaining the different services offered, along with newsletters that provide the latest news connected to the world of diabetes. These kits can then be displayed in special custom made displays that can be kept on any countertop in the clinic or hospital or other places such as schools, colleges, malls, etc. Such kits can also be sent by direct mail to specific neighborhoods around the ophthalmologist’s clinic or hospital

An important ingredient in this kit should definitely be gift certificates. These can promise decent discounts in specific eye tests or eye repairing procedures such as operations by lasers or even on specific diabetic eye supplies. These gift certificates can certainly provide a lot of push and can induce people to take advantage of such certificates and saunter in for an eye checkup. These gift certificates should offer substantial savings to attract people from all walks of life. Even pre-diabetics and non-diabetics can be encouraged by such certificates.

A large number of diabetics, among others can be encouraged to report in for regular eye checkups if they are motivated enough and presented with the right information regarding the importance of such tests. A positive push can definitely be provided with the inclusion of diabetic eye gift certificates which provide substantial savings for diabetics and an impressive increase in the number of patients for ophthalmologists.

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