get your eyes checked during diabetic disease eye month

November is diabetic disease eye month and everyone should get their eyes checked during this month. Diabetics especially are at increased risk since the onset of diabetic retinopathy caused by diabetes can rapidly lead to vision loss if not detected and corrected on time. If you are a diabetic then you should certainly get your eyes checked during diabetic disease eye month, if not earlier.

Millions of people in America alone are at great risk of losing their eyesight to the degenerative effects of diabetic retinopathy. High glucose levels in the blood causes the blood vessels in the eye’s retina to weaken, which can then lead to leakage of blood or fluids causing swelling in the retina. This is known as macular edema. This can lead to blurry vision and also lead to total vision loss. In addition diabetes also causes cataracts, glaucoma and retinal detachment, all of which can lead to loss of vision.

In order to let people realize the dangers of skipping regular eye tests, government organizations and various charities need to educate a larger section of people all around the world through various media such as radio, tv, print, newsletters, etc. Various media houses should also co-operate in this humanitarian effort by offering spots during prime time for such advertisements that can compel people to rush to the nearest eye doctors to get their eyes checked. Instead of just targeting the general public, advertising campaigns should be custom designed so as to target children, adults, pre-diabetics and diabetics separately so that the message is clearly driven into the minds of the people. Governments could also offer gift certificates or other incentives to lure people towards eye tests.

While a lot of information is available over the internet, not much is available through other mediums since most of them are profit based. However, the really poor sections of society do not have access to the internet and hence a large number of people fail to understand the gravity of the situation and end up ignoring their eyes while only concentrating on keeping their blood sugar levels under control. You too can do your bit and inform your loved ones about the importance of eye-check ups at regular intervals to catch any eye ailment before it spirals out of control. Thus, while you exercise regularly to remain fit and also shift to a healthier diet to keep your blood sugar levels under control, you should also pay close attention to vital organs of your body such as your feet and eyes and get them tested regularly to check for any deterioration caused by the long term effects of diabetes. Unfortunately all these side-effects are inter-linked since if you cannot walk or see, then you will find it very difficult to continue with your exercise regime, which in turn will affect the rest of your body and cause your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly.

Therefore, while governments should develop foresight and educate the general public about the dangers of losing sight due to diabetes, you on your part should at least ensure that you and your loved ones check your eyes regularly. You should surely take advantage of the month of November and check your eyes during the diabetic disease eye month.

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