get a clear picture with the diabetic eye branding kit

Diabetics need to be reminded that they need to take regular eye tests to stay away from supplementary diseases that sneakily follow through diabetes. Pre-diabetics and the general public too should take such tests at the earliest to catch any budding eye disease before it can create havoc with one’s eyesight. In order to promote this exercise a diabetic eye branding kit needs to be created which can explain all the various facets of such diseases in a simple manner.

Since diabetes can lead to poor blood circulation and damage delicate nerves, it can lead to numbness of the feet and hands. Unfortunately, it can also lead to various eye diseases such as diabetic glaucoma, cataracts, retinopathy, neuropathy, etc. If left untreated, these can quickly lead to blindness. While many websites do highlight this problem, an aggressive advertising campaign is necessary to explain the importance of regular eye tests not only among diabetics but also among pre-diabetics and all other people in general. While media such as radio, TV and print can be flooded with advertisements exhorting people to go to their ophthalmologists to get their eyes checked, another effective method of campaigning is to create a diabetic eye branding kit. Media houses and corporate giants along with the government can be persuaded to sponsor and slot such advertisements during prime spots so that it can be heard, seen and read by many more people.

These kits can be in the form of folders that contain brochures relating to eye care. They can also contain newsletters that contain the latest news regarding diabetes and eye care. These kits can be stacked in custom displays that can be kept on any countertop, be it in a clinic, hospital, inquiry counter at a charity organization or even at an eyeglass frame and lens store. These branding kits should also be delivered by mail or even sent direct to entire neighborhoods or specific zip codes. Special occasions such as the month of November, which is diabetic disease eye month should be specifically targeted to create additional awareness. The materials used for such branding kits should be recyclable and the content written in such a manner that anyone can identify with it and easily understand the message. Gift certificates can also be included in these kits to motivate more people to take the tests.

In addition to keeping these branding kits in eye clinics and hospitals, they can also be distributed in schools and colleges since once children realize the importance of eye checkups, they can also convince their parents and other elder citizens to get their eyes checked. Diabetes should not be taken lightly and people should be informed of the debilitating consequences of ignoring regular eye tests.

A diabetic eye branding kit can thus become a mascot that can reach out to touch millions of lives and explain the importance of taking care of one’s eyes, especially after becoming diabetic. This kit can save thousands of people from becoming blind every year and also present a clear picture to pre-diabetics and non-diabetics alike about the rewards of protecting one’s eyes throughout one’s lifetime.

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