encourage diabetics through diabetic eye radio spots

Diabetics need to understand that regular eye checkups are a must if they do not want to stare at a dim future. Eye complications are an unpleasant side-effect of diabetes and only regular testing and proper care can ensure healthy eyes for diabetics. The problem however, is to encourage more diabetics to test their eyes at regular intervals. One such method to encourage diabetics is through diabetic eye radio spots.

Ophthalmologists that break out into a sweat just by thinking that they might need to design and execute the entire radio advertisement need not worry. There are now select companies that offer these services at nominal rates. These companies can study the ophthalmologists practice and concentrate on their unique selling points such as advanced machinery, perfect location or high expertise and focus on those factors while devising the advertisements. These companies can also arrange to air these radio advertisements during the morning slot to reach the ears of maximum commuters. These radio spots are not as costly as those on TV and even small advertisements can act as excellent branding tools to imprint the ophthalmologist’s name into the minds of listeners.

Radio spots can be effectively used to encourage a larger number of people to get their eyes tested for various complications that are unfortunately related to diabetes. Once people step into an ophthalmologist’s clinic or eye-hospital, it is important to continue with the same message of effective eye care in greater detail. Diabetic eye branding kits that contain various brochures should be stacked in custom made displays made of acrylic or similar materials and positioned strategically on any countertop that witnesses high patient traffic. These brochures could contain information on the causes and symptoms of various eye diseases that are accelerated by diabetes such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic neuropathy and diabetic retinopathy, among others. Other brochures could also be included that can explain the procedures for fighting these complications, be it through surgery or medications, or a combination of both.

Patients that walk in after hearing such advertisements over the radio can also be asked to sign up for regular newsletters that can then be sent by direct mail or even over the internet. These newsletters can keep them informed about new breakthroughs in the field of diabetes or any such related topic. Gift certificates can also be dispatched in a similar method to entice diabetic patients to visit the ophthalmologist’s clinic for an eye checkup. An early detection in any eye complication will enable the ophthalmologist to save the patient’s eye from any permanent damage. Ophthalmologists should try to link their radio advertisement campaign with their eye branding kits by sticking to a common slogan so that patients can identify with them. The same companies that have executed the radio spots can also be utilized for the print campaign.

Hence, diabetic eye radio spots can reach out to the ears of many people that need to take proper care of their eyes. Diabetics and pre-diabetics can easily be encouraged to visit eye-clinics or eye-hospitals through such verbal campaigns.

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