a sustainable campaign with diabetic eye print advertising

Diabetics that are busy fighting the disease by routinely monitoring their blood glucose levels, eating a healthy diet and exercising adequately need to be educated on another aspect of their disease that could be creeping up even without them noticing it. The problem of a diabetic eye is a fact that should not be ignored by diabetics and only a sustainable campaign of diabetic eye print advertising can hammer home this point in a repeated manner.

While an ideal advertising campaign could include advertisements in prime spots on radio and TV, it would not be possible to keep it going without the financial help of the government or other private sponsors. However, another campaign that could strike at the eyes of diabetics in a positive manner at grassroots level is to embark on an advertisement campaign through print advertising. Unlike printing in magazines, this campaign could include printing diabetic eye marketing kits which essentially would be an attractive folder containing various brochures, newsletters and any other printed material that could help readers in understanding the causes, symptoms and treatments related to different eye diseases caused by the onset of diabetes.

This sort of print advertising would be effective only if it reached the right people that could include diabetics, pre-diabetics and their well-wishers. Hence, these diabetic eye marketing kits could be positioned by ophthalmologists in custom made displays made of acrylic or other eye-catching materials and placed on select countertops that could attract a lot of curious eyes. These attractive printed kits could also be placed in waiting rooms, various schools, colleges, hospitals and government offices as part of a larger advertising campaign. But individual ophthalmologists could just as easily embark on this campaign without a large financial investment.

A smart addition in these kits could be gift certificates that could allow patients discounts in certain eye repairing procedures or even against select diabetic eye supplies. These kits could also be dispatched by direct mail to people living in surrounding neighborhoods of any ophthalmologist. This would make it easier for people to go in for eye checkups without traveling far from their homes, while the gift certificates would act as an incentive to push people from their chairs into various eye-clinics. Newsletters too could be included in such kits to provide the most up-to-date information related to diabetes. These too could be sent regularly to people that might sign up to receive them. This is one campaign that can directly reach the target audience and various ophthalmologists can simply kick off this campaign in their own neighborhoods without any problem since an increase in the number of patients will easily pay off for the expenses incurred in such a campaign.

Hence, a diabetic eye print advertising campaign is one which does not need high inputs of money for a long time. It can be designed and executed with a minimum of fuss and ophthalmologists could reach out to quite a lot of new people and this would enable them to save the eyes of a large number of diabetics that might not have realized the importance of such tests in the past.

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