a diabetic eye marketing campaign can save many eyes

If you are an ophthalmologist then you might be frustrated by the fact that most diabetics do not recognize the threat of eye diseases related to diabetes or even if they do so, they still ignore regular checkups by citing various excuses. In such cases a diabetic eye marketing campaign can surely result in many diabetics walking through your front door and hence save many eyes.

You might wish that you could embark on an advertising campaign over the radio or TV to get your message across. However, these methods might not be financially viable for your practice. You could also utilize print media to place your advertisements explaining the importance of regular eye tests. But this too could lose steam due to lack of funds after some time. On the other hand, there is an emergence of select marketing companies that concentrate mostly on fulfilling the needs of ophthalmologists like you. These companies can help you to design your advertisements and advertise them through various media. If your budget does not permit you to do so, then they also have several innovative marketing methods that are light on the wallet but heavy in ingenuity.

They can help you with custom made displays which are capable of holding specially designed diabetic eye marketing kits. These kits can contain brochures that explain the various complications that can arise in one’s eyes due to diabetes such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic neuropathy, among others. In addition, these brochures can also provide tips on caring procedures for eyes along with different treatments that are available for different eye ailments. This could provide excellent information for everyone including diabetics, pre-diabetics and even non-diabetics. These kits could also contain newsletters that provide additional information on the latest happenings in the field of diabetic eye care. You could also include an enrollment form where your patients could sign up to receive regular newsletters through regular mail or email.

These kits can be placed on different countertops such as inquiry counters, pharmacy counters, waiting rooms, etc. These kits should be colorfully printed and should contain easy-to-understand information that could help the reader identify any trouble spots so that he or she could better explain any diabetic problems to you in a better way. These marketing kits could also be sent by direct mail to surrounding neighborhoods so that people realize that they need not travel very far to get their eyes tested. You could certainly include gift certificates that could enable patients to en-cash them against your services or supplies. These kits could also be useful in removing any fear or misconceptions that some patients might have regarding specific medical procedures such as operations that utilize lasers, etc. These marketing companies could also devise custom made advertisements according to your specific requirements. You could distribute a large number of these kits on or before the month of November, which is diabetic disease eye month.

Hence, your advertising campaign need not cost the earth and with the help of the right marketing company, you could ensure that your diabetic eye marketing campaign is read by many, many eyes and in the end enables you save many of those eyes.

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