use freestyle lite diabetic test strips for accurate results

Diabetes lays a lot of importance on diet, exercise and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels. In such a situation, it is vital that you have a simple yet accurate diabetic testing meter with matching test strips to provide fast and precise results. Freestyle Lite diabetic test strips offers one of the best deals in terms of accuracy and price and you can certainly use them to stay in control of your disease.

Freestyle Lite diabetic test strips are made by Abbott Laboratories and are only compatible with their Lite and Lite Freedom range of blood glucose testers. These testers offer wide screens that are backlit which makes them easy to read. They also contain various features such as 4 programmable alarms that conveniently remind you to conduct your test and can store up to 400 past results which can be recalled in a 7, 14 or 30 day report format or can even be downloaded on to your computer to track your disease. One excellent feature in these testers is that they only require a blood sample of 0.3 microliters to display the result. Both the models display large displays, although Lite Freedom has an even larger display that could certainly help elderly diabetics.

Freestyle Lite diabetic test strips are available in packs of 50’s and 100’s and are compatible with the Lite series testers only. These strips require no coding and hence considerably lower the chances of any mistakes. You can order these strips from your pharmacy or any online supply company authorized by Abbott Laboratories or your insurance company. If you are covered under Part B [non HMO] medicare then you could even get your blood sugar tester and these test strips totally free of charge and even delivered to your doorstep. However, if you are covered under a private insurance plan, then you will need to pay around 20% of the value of these strips when you receive your supplies. The balance amount will be reimbursed by your insurance company directly to your diabetic supply company.

It is imperative that you maintain adequate stocks of these test strips so that you do not have to run to your pharmacy at odd times to replenish your supplies. Your insurance plan will anyway compel you to plan out your supplies on a monthly or tri-monthly basis. Remember to order only from reputed and authorized supply companies and do not fall prey to any unknown companies offering these test strips at unbelievable prices. They could be counterfeit and you just cannot afford to play with your health to save a few dollars. Also remember that a healthy diet and adequate exercise can help control diabetes in a natural manner and you could also lower your blood sugar levels to a certain extent by religiously following them.

Hence Freestyle Lite Diabetic Test Strips offer you a chance to accurately check your blood sugar levels at reasonable rates. Use them with your Freestyle Lite or Lite Freedom blood glucose tester and check your blood sugar levels at recommended intervals to maintain your levels in the safe zone.

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