use compatible diabetic test strips to manage diabetes

In order to monitor and maintain your diabetes, you will require a wide array of diabetic supplies. These products will help you to track your diabetes and make corresponding changes to your insulin deliveries to maintain blood sugar levels within the approved range. While a diabetic meter is a vital tool in monitoring glucose levels, compatible diabetic test strips will surely be required to provide you the desired results.

You will be required to store various items such as a diabetic testing meter, test strips, insulin, alcohol swabs, control solution, syringes, needles, lancets and lancing devices in any of the suitable diabetic kits available in the market. These kits feature different slots where you can safely store these supplies for easy access when the need arises. Some kits also feature cold slots where you can safely store your medication for up to 30 hours without any problem. This is a great feature when you are traveling. Most of these supplies, especially test strips can be used only once in each test and need to be purchased and re-stocked on a regular basis. Hence sufficient stocks need to be maintained especially if you are doing more than 5 tests in a single day.

A simple and accurate testing meter is of utmost importance and should form the backbone of your diabetic kit. One such meter is the Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter from Abbott Laboratories. There are two models known as Lite and Lite Freedom. The Lite model has various friendly features such as 4 programmable alarms to remind you that your test is due. It can also store up to 400 previous results with the corresponding date and time, which can then be processed and presented as a report in a 7, 14 or 30 day format. This can help you to track the direction of your diabetes. It only requires 0.3 microliters of blood for each test and displays the result in 5 seconds. The Lite Freedom model additionally has a larger display which can be a great boon for elderly patients.

Both these models are compatible only to the Freestyle Lite test strips. If you insert any other strips, the units will not power on. Once you prick your finger tip, thigh, calf, hand, forearm or upper arm with your lancet and draw the required blood, you will need to place it on your test strip. The test strip will then have to be inserted in the diabetic tester, which will then display the result within 5 seconds. Both the testers do not require any coding, which reduces chances of any errors to a great extent. These strips are normally available in packs of 50 and 100 and if you are covered under Part B of medicare along with a supplemental plan then you could get the Freestyle Lite meter along with the test strips among many other supplies, totally free of charge from any of the online diabetic supply companies or even from your pharmacy.

Diabetic test strips are vital consumables that are required on a regular basis. These strips need to be compatible with their respective meters and the right combination of diabetic test strips along with the matching meter and of course a single drop of your blood can show you your blood sugar reading and help you to manage your diabetes effectively.

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