How to test blood glucose easily.

Regular blood glucose testing is an integral part of diabetes management. Diabetics are aware of the need for tests at stipulated times as advised by the doctors or diabetes instructors. These tests done at the labs are with the assistance of the nurse. However, if your are required to do the tests more than once a day you may rather prefer to buy the home monitoring kits that include the glucose testers and test strips. These are easy to use and if you precisely follow the procedure on how to test blood glucose you can do them accurately without any assistance.

There are several blood glucose meters available like Accu-chek, Ascencia, Abotts etc. The design of these meters is extremely easy and simple for anyone to use. Depending upon what the doctor instructs you, you should make a proper schedule or plan for your tests for the entire day. Make sure you have the necessary kit at hand. Normally all you would require is the meter which shows the results, a lancet to prick your fingertip for blood sample and test strips. The test strips are usually for one time use and you would have only that as a recurring expense. Check the expiration date of the test strips and make sure the code numbers on it match with those on your meter. If they don’t it may give you inaccurate results. At regular intervals check the accuracy of the meters. Over a period of time there may be some ups and downs that need to be checked and brought to the notice of manufacturers. Ensure that you take good care of your monitoring equipment and follow the instructions properly.

How to test blood glucose?

When you check the glucose levels you need to be careful and make sure you follow the instruction properly.

* Before you test wash your hands, preferably with an antibacterial soap. You do not want any external components or traces of sugar from your food to affect the readings.

* Ensure that your hands are completely dry before you use the monitor.

* Place the monitor on a flat surface such as a table. Insert the test strip and ensure it is properly calibrated. You would have to use a separate strip every time you test.

* Once you have the strip in place use the lancet to collect the blood sample. It is mostly a finger prick. Now there are alternative site testing meters available as well. Prick the point with the lancet and press to get a small drop of blood.

* Apply the proper amount of blood on the strip. Some meters show error message if enough amount of blood is not placed.

* Wait for the results; it usually takes 3 to 60 seconds depending upon your monitor.

Once done, record the results in a log book or on a spread sheet on you PC. About 500 to 1000 results can be stored in the meter memory. However proper analysis you may prefer to transfer them to your spreadsheet. Now that you know how to test blood glucose, do it regularly and carefully as per your plan.