get a simple and accurate diabetic tester

Diabetes requires continuous testing of blood sugar levels to avoid a sudden spike or fall in glucose levels. In order to stay within the safe zone, a simple and accurate diabetic tester that provides faster results using very less blood would certainly be appreciated.

If you are diabetic then depending on your type and level of diabetes you could be required to check your blood sugar levels before and after each meal and even each morning and night. You might also require a wide range of diabetic supplies which could help you to monitor and delivery insulin into your body such as a diabetic blood sugar tester, test strips, lancets, lancing devices, insulin, syringes, needles, replacement batteries, control solution, alcohol swabs, etc. These should be stored in any of the diabetic kits available in the market. Choose a kit that stores all your supplies and has a little bit of spare space inside in case there is any change in your insulin dosage.

While you might buy a diabetic tester or an insulin pump only once every few years, you will certainly need to purchase test strips, needles and alcohol swabs on a regular basis. The entire exercise of testing for blood sugar levels could take a financial toll and hence the right insurance plan could help you out. If you are covered by Part B of medicare along with a supplemental plan, then you could even receive your diabetic supplies totally free of charge from any of the select online medical supply companies. This could prove to be of great help in reducing your financial burden and also freeing you from tiresome paperwork.

On the technical side, a simple and accurate diabetic tester such as the Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System made by Abbott Laboratories could offer convenience and flexibility at the same time. This tester uses only 0.3 microliter of blood for each test. You can draw blood from your thigh, calf, hand, upper arm or forearm but if you suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness, then your finger tip is the safest option. It also shows the result within 5 seconds. The latest technology used in this compact unit ensures no coding of test strips, which in turn reduces chances of any errors. The Freestyle Lite can also store the last 400 test results and display them in 7, 14 and 30 day averages to help you to determine your diabetic pattern. You can also download your results on to your computer by using a data management system. It also has 4 programmable alarms to remind you when your test is due. All-in-all this diabetic tester has all the latest features inside one compact unit. If you are covered under Part B medicare along with a supplemental plan then you could easily get this versatile meter free of charge.

Hence it is vital that you have an easy-to-use diabetic tester that does not suck you dry when testing your blood at regular levels. An accurate tester will enable you to alter your insulin levels which will help you in controlling the ill-effects of diabetes and keep you safe and healthy in the long run.

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