Freestyle blood glucose monitoring systems for anywhere anytime use

Blood glucose monitoring systems are now an integral part of diabetes management kit. The blood glucose meters are simple and handy and a must in your home monitoring kit. You can get a huge variety of meters like Accu-chek, Medtronic, Abbott etc. These are high quality, safe and accurate blood glucose monitoring systems with features to suit everyone’s needs. The FreeStyle glucose monitoring system from Abbott Diabetes Care is from a unique range of simple anywhere, anytime meters which are your best friend in this busy daily schedule.

FreeStyle Blood monitoring systems

Abbott offers FreeStyle Lite, FreeStyle Freedom and Precision Xtra blood glucose and Ketone monitoring systems. With accurate and quick results, patients find the meters highly reliable. They can determine what adjustments are necessary to the diet and exercise and medication to keep glucose levels under control.

FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter

The tiny little FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter is a discrete meter made for those who need regular monitoring throughout the day. It needs the smallest sample size of 0.3 micro liters. It uses the no-coding technology that enables you to simply take and insert a new strip which leaves very less chances for errors. There is little wastage of diabetic test strips. The meter beeps when enough blood is applied. There is a colored port that helps you get the insertion point easily. There is a unique turn on bar that starts the test. It also has alternative site testing capability. The size is compact and you can easily carry it anywhere, office, school or even when you are traveling. The feature providing alarms, 4 in all for the day, ensures that you have reminders for your testing schedule. There is storage capacity for 400 test results along with date and time. The 7, 14 and 30 day averages can be retrieved to study the trends. For those who find it hard to read in darkness, there is a backlight available to enable you to read levels easily. There is a test strip port light which guides you to test in low light conditions.

FreeStyle Freedom Lite monitors

These are the latest from the Abbott kitty. They are easy to read and hold systems with a new ergonomic shape. These are similar in utility to the Lite meters and you can use the FreeStyle Lite test strips. The strips that come with the kit are two way enabling you the ease of testing on any alternate site as well. You can test at the arms, thighs, calf etc. It boasts of having the largest numerical display, making it easier for anyone to read it.

The Precision Xtra Blood glucose and Ketone monitoring system: It is known for being the only system that has technology to test blood glucose as well as ketone with the same meter and test strips. The best part about the meter is the two step testing and the simple icon driven menu that makes testing easy and error free. It is extremely fast and tests B-ketone which are the most important ketone bodies that need to be checked in your blood system. The test results are displayed on the screen with the words Ketone so that you are not confused about what readings they are.

The other FreeStyle blood glucose monitoring system is the FreeStyle Navigator which is a continuos monitoring system. All FreeStyle products are among the most reliable and accurate systems. The features and compatibility with other software makes them the best meters that suits everyone’s needs.

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