extremely handy small blood glucose meters

Diabetes requires regular monitoring of the blood glucose levels. Your blood glucose levels may go high or low resulting in adverse effects on the body. There can be nerve damage, kidney damage, fatigue etc caused due to the fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Blood glucose meters are an essential part of your diabetes management and home monitoring kit. These blood glucose meters are extremely handy and easy to use. They are fairly accurate and provide you several options to store and handle the information collected. If you require monitoring to be done several times a day you may want to buy a meter that is handy and easy to carry. There are different models of small blood glucose meters available which you can buy and carry it to office, school, or while traveling. The availability of such meters has made it easy to ensure that you do not miss on any monitoring time.

Small blood glucose meters

There are several manufacturers of high quality blood glucose monitors like Abbott, Bayer, Accuchek, etc. Most meters that are available come at about 3 to 4 inches in length and width, and may weigh between 1 and 5 ounces. If you carry your meter in your purse or backpack, size may not matter. However, if you plan to carry your meter in your pocket, or a small carrying case, then size might be a consideration. In such cases the small blood glucose meters that are available can be of great help. It is very important to note here that some of the small meters available have small display screens. If your eyesight is less than perfect, you may find the small meters uncomfortable. If this is an area of concern for you, then find out meters specifically designed for such problems that have a larger, backlit display screen and audio feature that “speaks” test results.

One popular small blood glucose meter is the FreeStyle Lite Blood glucose meter which has retained features of its other meter The FreeStyle Mini. It was launched in November 2007. It is very small in size and uses the FreeStyle Lite Test Strip that does not require any coding adjustment between different batches. The amount of blood required for the test is only 0.3 microlitres and the manufacturers claim that a smallest drop of blood is needed. It also allows multiple site testing that lets you take blood from less sensitive areas like forearms, hands, thighs and calves. Other features include backlight display, test light to test anytime and anywhere, results in about 5 seconds, 4 reminder alarms to create a testing schedule, memory of 400 results with date and time, beep when strip has enough amount of blood and an overall weight of 1.4oz including that of the batteries.

There are other meters like the Accu-chek compact blood glucose meter, One Touch Ultra 2 Blood glucose meter, etc that you can buy.

An interesting new device that has recently been approved by FDA is the True2Go from Home Diagnostics. It is being promoted as the world’s smallest blood glucose meter. It is just about the same size as an iPod shuffle and small enough to twist on a vial of test strips. This enables diabetics to manage their diabetes with the convenience of on-the-go testing. It uses just 0.5 microliters of blood and has a test memory display.

Small blood glucose meters are extremely handy and useful for those who need to check their glucose levels regularly throughout the day irrespective of whether they are at home, office, school or when traveling. These meters are a boon and can help you avoid missing your tests just because you find it inconvenient to carry your glucose meter along.

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