Explore a bit and find what is new in blood glucose testing kits

There are million of diabetics around the world. Home glucose monitoring has been a boon to many for regular testing of the blood glucose levels. Manufactures like Roche and Bayer who came up with their handy meters around 1882 have been continuously involved in improving blood glucose meters over the years. From the finger prick systems now we even have the non invasive ones that have made life easy for diabetics. A look at what is new in blood glucose testing kits would show you that there have been serious efforts to make glucose testing safe, quick, easy and painless.

New in blood glucose testing kits

Those suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes may have to take blood glucose tests at least 2 to 3 times a day. Now this can cost quite a bit. In addition the finger prick can be troublesome too when done so many times. If you consider the current costs involved, if a patients tests 3 to 4 times a day, that would mean spending about $4 or more on test strips per day. There is always the probability of contamination or mistake in testing that can lead to use of extra test strips. That, in turn means higher costs.

The advances in meter designs have reduced discomfort to a large extent. Though many people do not mind the occasional finger prick, there is surely a discomfort that may come due to regular use. The meters now have alternative testing site options too, like forearms, thighs, etc. However, amongst all these, what counts is the accuracy, speed and affordability of meters. Accurate meters means you spend less on retesting. There are meters like New Optimum from Abbott laboratories that shows results in as less as 5 seconds. Another factor of concern is the sample size. Now you have meters that require as little as 0.5 to 0.6 micro liter blood sample. The Ascensia Breeze 2 has a great feature. It comes with a disc that facilitates 10 tests without having to change the strip. No coding is required making it error free. Handling becomes easy and individually sealed strips, ensures extended life. There is a test meter from Accu-chek, called Compact plus which comes with preloaded drum of 17 test strips. There is no need for individual strip handling. There is a feature where you can customize depth setting to match your skin type and avoid nerve contact.

What if we can have testing without pricking the finger? Well, we have new meters that are of the non invasive type. Infrared technology is being seen as a great alternative to develop non invasive blood glucose meters. These meters like GlucoWatch are doing a great job at alerting patients to impending dangers and that too during sleep hours. However, efforts are on to make them more accurate as some inaccuracy is seen in night time results. Yet these meters are good to provide timely results to avoid complications.

There are many new things being designed and introduced to your blood glucose testing kits. It has made testing easier and safer with high accuracy and speed. You just need to explore a bit to find what is new and what would be suitable to your needs.