Do not forget to blood test glucose levels to keep track of your diabetes management plan.

Blood glucose test are extremely important part of diabetes management. The readings can help you to evaluate trends of blood glucose levels at regular intervals. If you undertake to blood test regularly, you can ensure that your efforts are working and make necessary changes to keep glucose levels under control. You can get it done from the lab or undertake home blood glucose test. These tests measure the glucose levels in your blood at the time when the sample has been taken.

Blood glucose tests

* Fasting blood glucose test: Fasting blood glucose test is done after you have gone without eating for at least 8 hours. You can only have water during the period. Thus it is usually done in the early morning. It is considered the most reliable test as with fasting there is a lesser chance of sugar stains in your sample. It is the first test that is done to find whether you have diabetes. Other tests may be done as well to diagnose diabetes.

* 2-hour postprandial glucose test: The 2 hour postprandial test is done exactly 2 hours after you eat anything.

* Random blood sugar (RBS): The RBS as the name suggests is done randomly at any time regardless of when you last ate. Several random tests may be done in the day. Normally among the non diabetics glucose levels do not vary widely. If the test results are in a wide range then it may indicate a problem.

* Oral glucose tolerance test (OGT): The OGT is undertaken to find the tolerance or response of the body to glucose. A series of blood glucose measurements are done after you drink a sugary solution. The results may provide an indication to pre-diabetes and diabetes. It is often prescribed to diagnose gestational diabetes i.e. diabetes that occurs during pregnancy.

These labs tests are reliable and you can analyze the results with your doctor who can interpret them correctly. However, these tests may not be feasible or easily possible if you are working. If you have diabetes you need to monitor the glucose levels several times a day. In such situations the home blood glucose test meters can be really helpful. There are several companies who have developed glucose meters using latest technology. These meters are also reliable and you can use the ones that suit your needs. Your doctors may prescribe you the ones that may be better for you.
The advantage of these meters is the ease of use and quick results after the blood test for glucose. Moreover, you may not even need an assistant. A nurse need not be present to take the blood samples. It allows you the ease to test anytime or anywhere, home or office, as these meters are simple, small and portable. There is provision to store even 500 test results in the memory of these meters. You can review the stored data or transfer it to your PC. You can make use of different software or MS Excel to compare results, get graphs that show the trends over a period. These reports can be easily taken to the doctor for a review.
Remember to regularly test glucose when you are following a diabetes control plan. It helps make changes to the diet and exercise regime after knowing the trends from regular tests.