Do a comparison of blood glucose meters to choose one that suits your needs the best.

Management of diabetes is very important and a regular check up of your blood glucose levels is vital to the treatment plan. There are several manufacturers offering meters like Accu-chek, Abbott’s FreeStyle Flash, LifeScan OneTouch etc. Each company provides you with meters with good quality, high level accuracy and ease of use. It is really for you to decide which one would be the best for you depending upon what features you feel would be best suited to satisfy your needs. To know which would be really better, you may find different websites having a comparison of blood glucose meters. Typically what you would be looking at would be the price, test time, portability, testing site and so on.

Comparison of blood glucose meters

Let’s have a comparison of the 5 meters FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter, The Accu-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose System and Accu-Chek Compact Plus Blood Glucose Meter.

Features: A point of comparison would be the features of the glucose meter. FreeStyle Freedom Lite comes with features like a large display and clear numbers for easier reading, curved shapes that makes it very handy and a test time of 4 seconds. The test starts only when enough blood is applied which can be known from beep sound that the meter makes when there is enough blood. You also find features like 4 reminder alarms, a data port for downloading from memory of up to 400 results. A very important feature is the no coding adjustment. It requires very little blood of 0.3 microlitres. There is a data port available to download results to your computer. You can get results for 7, 14 and 30 day averages. There is also the reminder alarm facility for your test timings. You may find it for around 10 to 13 Euros.

The Accu-chek Aviva is a very smart and simple glucose meter. It makes results available in about 5 seconds. It boasts of being virtually pain free testing and requires just about 0.6 microlitres of blood. It allows alternative site testing. It detects if there is insufficient blood and the test does not start before it is full. It has an easy open, flip-top strip vial which makes it simple to use. Data management is via infra-red which is compatible with the Accu-Chek software. It can store up to 500 results. It comes with a Multiclix finger pricker thus requiring no handling of lancet as well makes disposal easy in the household waste. The Multiclix is a lanced drum with six lancets. It allows 11 different penetration depths thus making it easier for each person. It comes for around13 – 15 Euros.

Accu-chek Compact plus is preferable for those who like things to be self contained. The meter has test strips loaded into the meter in a drum of 17 strips. The finger pricker is snugly integrated into the meter. It does not require coding and makes it safer and error free. You can also have alternative site for testing as per your convenience. The test time required is just 5 seconds. You can download the readings easily and directly from the meter’s memory for 500 results to the PC and show the data on graphs and charts. You can buy the infra-red connecter and software from Roche Diagnostics. It comes for around EUR 12 – 14.

There are several other meters available like Ascensia Breeze 2, Ascensia Contour, GlucoMen Visio, OneTouch Ultra2, Prestige QX etc which are manufactured by different companies. They have their own unique features and price range. You can find the difference between all if you do a side by side comparison available on some websites. Find reviews from others and consult you doctor, friend or anyone who uses it before you decide which one to buy for yourself.

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