companies offer free blood glucose meters – take advantage for your diabetes management program

Diabetes is a chronic ailment and has affected millions of people around the world. It is a metabolic disorder which can adversely affect the human body. When you have food it is converted into sugar this is required by body cells as energy to carry out different functions. The hormone insulin produced in the pancreas enables glucose to be moved from the bloodstream to the cells of the body. If body’s cells do not get the necessary amount of insulin the sugar levels in blood rise which may cause a diabetic condition. Diabetes and high and low blood glucose can lead to nerve damage, kidney damage and several other ailments if appropriate medication and diet is not taken on time. Blood glucose level management includes planning what diet, exercises and medication would be suitable to keep your levels under control. Blood glucose meters are available for self monitoring. This can be highly expensive with consumables like test strips that are regularly required when multiple checks are done through out the day. There are different companies, and manufacturers who offer free blood glucose meters to enable people to regularly monitor their glucose levels.

Free blood glucose meters

Diabetes can be Type 1 (juvenile onset) or Type 2 diabetes. In both the cases the effects are adverse on the body and regular checkup of glucose levels is required. Companies are developing new and advanced blood glucose meters that can be easier to use and provide as much details as possible. There are even meters which are of the non invasive variety that are being developed. There are other site options available to undertake testing instead of fingertips. With such development blood glucose management has become easier. To create awareness about the self monitoring benefits companies carry out different schemes and programs which enable them to promote their product, one of them is providing free blood glucose monitors. You may also find several websites like that offer free blood glucose meter. They have interesting schemes, where in you purchase a certain number of test strips from them and then you may be given a glucose meter free of cost. There are some membership sites that have schemes wherein if you register before a certain date to a specific program then you are offered a free blood glucose meter.

Who are eligible?

There is no restriction on which type of individuals can get free blood glucose meters. Both Type I and Type II diabetes patients are eligible. The companies have varied schemes through which they may give free blood glucose meters. They may, however, have criterion like citizens be from the United States or any other specific country to avail the free blood glucose meter. They may also request for a valid phone number. Another common criterion is the need to have Medicare Coverage. These free blood glucose meters may be requested by the patients or by healthcare providers or even by family members related to diabetics if certain criterion is satisfied.

Diabetics who need regular monitoring can find free blood glucose meters extremely beneficial. Keeping logs of the vital details is important in diabetes management program. It can be a great relief financially as well as physically. You cannot ignore the need to regularly monitor your blood glucose levels. They are a major step towards prolonging the ill effects of high blood glucose levels, diabetes and even hypoglycemia.

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