Buy glucose meters keeping in mind effect of vitamin C on blood glucose testing

Blood glucose testing at home helps keep track of the glucose levels at specific times. This is necessary to ensure that you are within the normal range. If not then you need to immediately take measures like medication and diet control to ensure that you come within the normal range. Some food supplements like Vitamin C are important for the body. However, they may interact with some drugs that may give you different results. Vitamin C may interfere with results of blood glucose testing with home glucose meters.

Vitamin C and blood glucose testing

There are studies that suggest that high doses of supplements of Vitamin C may lead to unexpected increase of blood glucose levels. In one case a slightly obese person who took high levels of vitamin C had his fasting level go to 121mg/dL and after meals to 220mg/dL. The person took about 4500mg of synthetic unsweetened vitamin C per day. However, when he discontinued the supplements his averages came to 99mg/dL. The causes of high blood glucose for the person were the very high levels of Vitamin C supplements. Researchers suggest that vitamin C induced glucose production may actually interfere in blood glucose tests. However, lower doses have been proven to be effective in reducing blood glucose levels.

You may be taking medication like Actos, Avandia or Glucophage to control blood sugar. However, there is another option that may be useful to some diabetics, Vitamin C. Some studies conducted around the world suggest that Vitamin C may actually help control blood glucose levels as well as keep diabetics from gaining weight. However, it is better to consult your doctor before you use any such supplements.

Vitamin C is a compound that may actually interfere with glucose tests. Thus while taking a blood glucose test make sure you inform your physician or nurse assistant if you are taking high doses of Vitamin C. The same goes to say if you are testing blood glucose levels with your home monitoring kits. Guidance of your doctors is necessary to know the relation of vitamin C and blood glucose testing.

The interference of the Vitamin C supplements has been taken into consideration by the glucose monitoring system manufacturers. There are blood glucose test strips for Precision Xtra from Abbott Diabetes Care that use the TrueMeasure Technology. This technology ensures that the effect of interfering agents like aspirin, acetaminophen and vitamin C are minimized. Similarly there are MediSense Optimum Blood Glucose Test Strips that have been designed to reduce the effects of metabolites. They are also useful in reducing the interference of Vitamin C, aspirin etc on the blood glucose test results. The WaveSense Technology used for WaveSense Presto and other meters have also been designed to detect the common errors in blood glucose measurements. It detects the chemical interference from food and beverages like Vitamin C when testing blood samples.

When you are buying a blood glucose testing kit, keep the interaction of Vitamin C in mind. If is very important to find such blood glucose testing strips that would minimize Vitamin C interference. Similarly while testing glucose with bedside monitors inform your doctor or nurse assistant if you are taking any vitamin C supplements.