lower your medical expenses with american diabetic supply

If you are a diabetic then by now you would have realized that the cost of staying one step ahead in tackling the disease is indeed a costly one. There are one time expenses of a blood glucose meter and insulin pump along with recurring expenses such as test strips, syringes, etc. if you have medicare then you might be able to substantially lower your medical expenses with American Diabetic Supply or not pay anything at all!

Since there is no cure at present for diabetes, you might have to shell out money for supplies throughout your lifetime. This could mean a substantial diversion of your income towards treatment costs. However, if you have medicare or any other private insurance then all you need to do is to just fill up the form provided by American Diabetic Supply stating your details along with your doctor’s details and other information regarding your medicare policy. You can also download the forms from the company’s website or even call them over the phone. Upon completion of all the required forms and after suitable verification regarding the details provided by you, the company will send you your order form where you can list your requirements such as blood glucose meter, test strips, lancets and lancing devices, etc, The Company has also initiated a special syringe program for medicare patients.

Once you place your order, your supplies will be dispatched to you and if you have the medicare supplemental policy then you might not have to pay anything at all or you might only have to pay your annual deductible. If you have private insurance then you will be responsible for your annual deductible and will receive supplies every month as compared to a 3 month supply schedule in case you are covered by medicare. Your invoices will be sent to your insurance company and American Diabetic Supply will be responsible in collecting the money. This will free up valuable time that you might spend in completing you paperwork in addition to saving a lot of money. In case of any change of dosages, the company can also directly talk with your doctor and adjust your supplies accordingly.

These doorstep services will free you from the hassles of running to your local pharmacy every time you need fresh supplies. You will also be free from filling up claim forms and waiting patiently for your reimbursement to arrive from any of the insurance companies that you might have chosen. You can store all your immediate supplies in any of the diabetic bags that are available in the market so that you do not have to search for your supplies during monitoring or delivery of insulin.

Set up in 1995, American Diabetic Supply now has a large customer base and you can simply forget about your financial and logistical worries as the company can supply all your diabetes related products right at your doorstep and that too with a 30 day guarantee. This company can certainly lower your medical expenses and hence help you to stay in financial control of the disease without any worries.

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