let doctor diabetic supply deliver your diabetic supplies

If you have diabetes and find it a pain to run to your pharmacy for every small or large requirement that you have regarding your disease then you can stop running since Doctor Diabetic Supply has been selected by medicare to provide diabetic supplies to 10 Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States.

If you live in any of the 10 designated areas and are covered by medicare Part B policy, then you will only have to pay for 20% of the supplies that Doctor Diabetic Supply will ship to you. If you have an additional medicare supplemental coverage then these supplies would be sent to you without any charge at all! If you have the required insurance, then you can simply contact this Miami based company by contacting their office or logging on to their website at www.doctordiabetic.com. You will need to fill out the actual or virtual version of the form and provide details regarding yourself, your insurance coverage, your medical history and your doctor. There are also some other American companies that have a similar tie-up with medicare.

Once the company completes the verification formalities and approves your request then you will be eligible to receive various diabetes testing and delivery equipment and accessories such as blood glucose monitor, test strips, lancets and lancing devices, control solution and batteries. This could provide a substantial financial relief since most of these items need to be purchased at regular intervals to maintain control over the disease. The fact that you will not need to wait in line at any pharmacy and simply collect the supplies from your doorstep would be an added advantage. The supply company will also replace any broken items that you might receive without asking any questions.

Once you receive your diabetic supplies, it would be better to store them in special diabetic bags or kits since you will find it easy to access all your equipment and medicines from such bags. These bags will also enable you to keep your medicines cool when you are traveling. Doctor Diabetic Supply will also deal with your doctor directly in case of any changes in your medicine dosage and will also collect the medicare reimbursements directly. This feature could save you a lot of paperwork and money since you will not have to pay the entire amount upfront when you receive your supplies and you will also not need to compile any paperwork with your insurance company since Doctor Diabetic Supply will be doing so directly with them. The company also offers free training videos and customer support programs to make the entire process easy to understand and execute.

Hence if you reside in any of the 10 designated areas then you can definitely take advantage of this fact and get your diabetic supplies delivered to your doorstep at little or no cost. This service could definitely make your life a lot easier and leave you with additional energy to keep the disease under control. Get your medicure policy and supplemental policy out and contact Doctor Diabetic Supply to comfortably receive your supplies at your own home without shelling out those precious dollars.

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