stay in the safe zone with free diabetic testing supplies

While diabetes lays a lot of stress on changing over to a fat-free and sugar-free healthy diet and also persuades you exercise more, it also lays equal importance on continual monitoring and testing of blood sugar levels. This will help you to remain within the permitted limits, albeit at a high cost since diabetes testing supplies are quite costly. But here is how you can stay in the safe zone with free diabetic testing supplies.

Your diabetic condition will require you to use diabetic testing and delivery equipments such as a diabetes testing meter, test strips, glucose control solution, insulin pump, insulin, syringes, needles, alcohol swabs, lancets and lancing devices on a daily or even on an hourly basis. While some of these items need to be purchased once every few years, others such as test strips might have to be used very frequently, often every 2 or 3 hours depending on your condition. This could cause a severe strain on your finances and you might need to rush to your pharmacy with adequate money every time you need to buy any supplies that need to be stocked again.

Well, that could no longer be the case if you just check your insurance plan. Many insurance companies such as medicare have appointed select diabetic supply companies to deliver diabetic testing supplies to their clients and collect the reimbursements from medicare. Other private companies also have similar tie-ups with supply companies although you might have to pay a small percentage of the value of the items supplied to you. Hence if you have Part B medicare along with a supplemental policy then you could get totally free diabetic testing supplies delivered right at your doorstep while you would still get a hefty discount if you are covered by a private insurance company. Since these supply companies would arrange to collect the reimbursements from your insurance company, you would only end up paying deductibles or co-payments instead of paying the entire amount and then waiting for your reimbursements to arrive from your insurance company.

This could provide a huge relief in terms of time, money and efforts saved and hence enable you to concentrate your energies in actually testing your blood sugar levels at regular intervals. Many supply companies also offer a free diabetes testing meter manufactured by Bayer or other reputed medical companies when you fill out their form and qualify for the benefits. You can also get access to important tips on maintaining your sugar levels under control and tips on a healthy diet, etc when you sign up with a particular supply company. Since your pet can also be covered under a similar canine insurance plan, you should consider covering your pet too so that in future you do not end up paying a lot of money for its treatment.

The right diabetic supplies company could hence help you by delivering your supplies at your door and also collect the reimbursements on your behalf. This could help you to attack the disease without any financial constraints. You can therefore safely stay in the safe zone with free diabetic testing supplies.

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