how to land up with totally free diabetic supplies

If you have just been diagnosed with diabetes, then in addition to making healthy changes in your diet and embarking upon a new exercise routine to burn off excess fat and mobilize your metabolism, you will also need to arrange for large financial injections at regular intervals for your diabetic supplies. However if you have been smart enough in the past and are covered under the right insurance plans, you could simply relax as you get showered by totally free diabetic supplies.

If you have not skimped in the past and have taken out your medicare insurance plan that not only includes Part B but is also joined by a secondary policy, then chances are that you will not have to pay for your diabetic supplies at all. You might not even have to pay for shipping charges and yet receive all your diabetic supplies including a diabetic testing meter made by Bayer or any other company, test strips, lancets, insulin, lancing devices, syringes, needles and glucose control solution totally free of charge and delivered right at your doorstep. But before you get any of these supplies, you will need to search for the right supply company that could process your data and dispatch the items to you without any hiccups.

You can get access to such companies over the internet. Medicare itself has authorized select companies to directly supply these diabetic supplies to their patients. The supply company will ask you to fill up an online form where you will need to furnish your personal details along with those of your doctor and your insurance plan. The company will then scrutinize your form and once it is satisfied that you fulfill all their terms for free deliveries then you will be sent an order form to order your current requirements. You will be allowed to order once every 3 months if you have medicare and once every month if you are covered by a private insurance company. Anyway, if you are not covered by Part B in medicare or only have a private insurance plan then you will not get your supplies free of charge but will still be entitled to a decent discount in your supplies.

Once you start receiving your free supplies you will certainly realize that you are indeed saving a lot of time, effort and of course, money since you will no longer have to rush to your pharmacy with money tightly coiled in your fist and wait in line for any item that might have run out of stock. You might also not have to pay any upfront charges as your supply company will dispatch the material to you and collect the reimbursements directly from your insurance company. This will save you from tiresome paperwork and these two benefits will enable you to simply focus your energies on your health than ponder over your dwindling wealth.

Hence it is vital that you are covered by an ideal insurance umbrella that includes Part B of medicare along with a supplemental policy. This could certainly enable you to land up with totally free diabetic supplies which could in turn, provide long-lasting relief to your body, mind and wallet.

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