get your diabetic supplies delivered at your doorstep

If you have diabetes then most of your time and effort could be consumed by maintaining the right diet and indulging in an exercise routine. However, there is one activity that could consume your time, effort and money and that is continuous testing of your blood glucose levels and adjusting your insulin doses accordingly. However there are some methods that could guarantee to get you your diabetic supplies delivered at your doorstep and in some cases totally free of charge.

If you are covered under medicare or any other private insurance provider then you need not rush to your local pharmacy with wads of money every time your diabetic supplies run out. With the right insurance plan covering your back you are entitled to a large discount on your supplies. Moreover, you need not rush to your pharmacy since your supplies can be shipped right to your doorstep. You can get your supplies free of charge if you are covered under Part B [non HMO] medicare and also have a supplemental policy. This feature could even include your shipping charges and you could simply get each shipment totally free. Even if you do have an insurance plan of a private company, your contribution will only be 20% of the total shipped amount with the balance 80% being paid by your private insurance company.

There are many online diabetic supply companies along with several pharmacies that offer these services. You simply need to fill up their form where you will need to provide your personal, your doctor’s and your insurance plan’s details. Once approved, you would be sent an order form on a monthly or 3-monthly basis depending on whether you are covered by a private insurance company or medicare. These supply companies will ship you essential diabetic equipment and accessories such as a diabetes testing meter, test strips, control solution, lancets, lancing devices, etc. They will also handle all the paperwork and directly collect the reimbursements from your insurance company. This could provide immense relief to you as far as time and money are concerned.

Many diabetic supplies companies also tempt patients into their fold by offering free blood sugar testing meters manufactured by reputed companies such as Bayer. You can get access to various offers by calling them up or going online and checking their website for current offers. You can also benefit if your diabetic pet is covered under similar plans that are specifically tailored for them. Teaming up with the right supplier can ensure that you have ample inventory of diabetic supplies in your home whenever you need it. The fact that you do not have to engage in painful paperwork and only pay a fraction of the money or not pay anything at all should be a welcome advantage.

Hence you can get substantial or total compensation if you have the support of the right insurance company and an efficient supply company. The above points should certainly enable you to get your diabetic supplies delivered at your doorstep without the associated hassles of paying for them or getting buried under tons of paperwork.

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