understanding early signs of diabetes for timely treatment

Diabetes is affecting more and more people throughout the world. It is a very complicated disease and knowledge of early signs of diabetes can help reduce the devastating effects of diabetes to some extent. An early warning can play an important role in starting with proper treatment and that too at the earliest.

Diabetes leads to malfunctioning of your body system when it fails to produce necessary amount of insulin. Insulin is the hormone used by our body to convert sugars and other nutrients into energy which is necessary to maintain a balance on the energy needs and distribution. Early warning signs of diabetes can help you start proper treatment and reduce the probability of complications. Diabetes manifests gradually and knowledge of its symptoms should be able to help most people notice the signs early and approach their doctor for treatment accordingly.

It is important to understand the three different types of diabetes; Type I, Type II and gestational diabetes. Type I diabetes is often referred as juvenile-onset diabetes. It develops in childhood or young adulthood. Type II diabetes is the most common form and occurs when body stops recognizing insulin that is secreted by pancreas. It can affect people of any age, even toddlers. Gestational diabetes occurs in advanced stages of pregnancy. Getting it under control early is necessary so that it the baby is not exposed to the risk of excess glucose or lead to any other complications. Diabetes symptoms are noticeable and you may be gradually able to notice early warning signs.

Early signs of Diabetes:

Frequent urination: If you are visiting the bathroom very frequently you should become alert about diabetes. With insulin in the blood becoming ineffective or non existent, urination becomes frequent as kidneys cannot filter glucose back to blood. They work overtime to get extra water out of blood to dilute the glucose. This leads to keeping the bladder full. Frequent urination causes dehydration which can lead to other problems.

Excessive Thirst: The water loss triggers a feeling of constant dryness and thirst. It can also be caused due to the excess sugar that is present in your body.

Rapid loss of weight: If you are experiencing unexplained weight loss, it may be an early sign of diabetes. You may feel like even if you eat more you won’t be gaining too much weight.

Fatigue: Early diabetics feel weakness and fatigue as diabetes affects body’s ability to process energy.

Blurred vision: Rise in the level of blood sugar often causes change in fluids in eyes which gives you a blurred vision.

Other symptoms: Recurring infections are among the most common and easily noticeable symptoms. People who have early diabetes may suffer from infection of skin, bladder and gums. It is seen that it takes a very long time for sores or cuts to heal. Early diabetics may also experience tingling or numbness in hands, legs or feet. This is because the high levels of glucose affect the nervous system giving you such a feeling. You may also become irritable by nature.

There are several early signs and warnings of diabetes. If you notice any or all of them a proper diagnosis to confirm if you have diabetes is advisable. Early treatment is critical for easier treatment and management of diabetes.

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