signs of diabetes

The occurrence of diabetes often goes unnoticed by a large section of the population. Although there are several signs of diabetes, one fails to take them seriously as they seem to be too minor. These signs and symptoms help you determine and diagnose diabetes at an early stage. Early detection of diabetes is important to avoid further serious and harmful health problems. Almost all people experience signs of diabetes but ignore them and are later shocked to learn that they have been suffering from the dreadful disease all the while.

Overlooking warning signs of diabetes will prove extremely costly in the near future. Diabetes is a disease that does not have any cure; it stays with you for life. Little or no production of insulin causes high blood sugar levels, leaving you with very few options regarding food and way of life. However, with improvised food habits and right medical assistance, you can certainly have control on your blood sugar levels. So, although the disease sounds quite dreadful you should not run away from reality and monitor every minute change in your body.

Here are few common but vital signs of diabetes that should not go unnoticed.

Experiencing excess thirst ignored many a times as it seems normal to feel the urge to drink water. Feeling thirsty more than required is certainly something which is not normal and is an important sign of diabetes. Along with excessive thirst, you also experience frequent urination. Frequent urination along with urinary infections is a warning sign of diabetes. Constant hunger can make you crave for food throughout the day. This can result in weight gain for few, while most diabetic people will see a sudden drop in weight despite eating regular and healthy meals.

Additional signs diabetes includes dry mouth, which occurs due to dehydration. You also suffer from irritation, regular headaches and blurred vision. Feeling tired without doing any physical activity is another common sign of diabetes. If no amount of sleep seems sufficient and you continue to feel tired and weak, it is best to check blood sugar levels immediately. A person with pre diabetes is also prone to infections. The infections occur at regular intervals. In some extreme cases of diabetes, a person may go into coma without any warning. If you have suffered from a wound and notice that it does not heal easily then it is time you got your blood sugar levels checked as when you have diabetes the WBC fails to function properly.

Other signs of diabetes also include nausea, vomiting, itching of skin, fast breathing, foul breath, tingling and numbness in fingers and in some cases even impotency. At time few signs of diabetes will differ from person to person. However, the common signs of diabetes mentioned above should not be overlooked but treated well in time. It is vital to keep a close watch on toddlers who are also vulnerable to diabetes as they won’t be able to tell or realize the changes in their bodies. This disease can cause a lot of damage to your health if proper care is not taken in time. Thus act wise and taken instant steps when such signs of diabetes are noticed.

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